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Vehicle Service and Repairs in Alice Springs


Direct 4WD Awareness                          
7 Hele Crescent
Alice Springs
(08) 8952 3359

Easy Carwash
8 Gap Rd
Alice Springs
(08) 8952 6129

Outback Batteries
8 Fogarty Street
Alice Springs
(08) 7918 0801

Sprint Mufflers & Exhausts
279 North Stuart Highway
Alice Springs
(08) 8952 7999

Trusty Glass
31 North Stuart Highway
Alice Springs
(08) 8952 3322

WB Mobile Windscreens
Corner Elder Street & Milner Road
Alice Springs
(08) 8953 1886


Motoring Organisations





Aileron Hotel & Roadhouse
Stuart Highway 
135km North of Alice Springs
(08) 8956 9703 

Curtin Springs
Lasseter Highway 
100km East of Uluru
(08) 8956 2906

Devils Marbles Hotel
Stuart Highway, Wauchope
135km South of Tennant Creek
(08) 8964 1963

Erldunda Roadhouse
Corner of Stuart & Lasseter Highways
(08) 8956 0984                 

6990 Plenty Highway
140km North-East of Alice Springs        
(08) 8956 9855

Glen Helen
1 Namatjira Drive
133km West of Alice Springs
(08) 8956 7489

Ross River Resort
7829 Ross Highway
85km East of Alice Springs
(08) 8956 9711

Stuarts Well Roadhouse
Stuart Highway
90km South of Alice Springs
(08) 8956 0808

Tilmouth Well
Tanami Highway 
188km North-West of Alice Springs
(08) 8956 8777



Supermarkets & Amenities  

Alice Laundromat
1/28 Railway Terrace
Alice Springs
0455 020 162

Coles Supermarket
Corner of Bath St & Gregory Terrace
Alice Springs
(08) 8952 5166

Desert Dwellers
Corner of Milner Rd & Wilkinson St
Alice Springs
(08) 8953 2240

Pawz N Clawz Pet Accommodation
47a Priest Street
Alice Springs
(08) 8953 5590

Piggy's Supermarket, Takeaway & Bottle-Shop          
87 Gap Road
Alice Springs
(08) 8952 3269

Yeperenye Shopping Centre
36 - 38 Hartley St 
Alice Springs
(08) 8952 5177



Alcohol Consumption in the #RedCentreNT

While you're visiting a region with almost perpetual sunshine and breathtaking scenery to enjoy, you might be keen to enjoy a beverage with friends and family; whether it's a glass of champagne at your first Uluru sunset or a beer at a Telegraph Station barbecue. Just in case things are a little different in your neck of the woods, here's some handy information about the purchase and consumption of alcohol in the #RedCentreNT. 


Alice Springs

We've got some pretty amazing licensed bars, pubs and restaurants in Alice Springs, and they're a great place to enjoy the nightlife and soak up the atmosphere. You can also drink in private homes, community events that have a special permit (don't worry, they'll let you know), and at the picturesque picnic area at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station. 

However, you can't drink in public in Alice Springs, including in parks, streets, the Todd River, and the Todd Mall. Check out one of the bars or pubs instead!

Banned Drinker Register Info

Yulara, Uluru & Kata Tjuta

You can purchase takeaway alcohol in Yulara from the Outback Pioneer Hotel, but you'll need to show some proof that you're staying at the resort - if you're staying in a hotel, your room key will suffice; if you're staying at the campground, make sure you get an alcohol pass from reception. The same rule applies to drinking at Yulara's licensed venues. 

If you're keen to celebrate your very first sunset at Uluru or Kata Tjuta, you can enjoy your takeaway alcohol at the designated sunset viewing areas within Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. 


Ti Tree & Barrow Creek

Feel free to check out the licensed venues, but it's not permitted to drink in public within 2km of the premises. Takeaway alcohol is not available in these locations.  

Dry Areas

Nope, we're not talking about the climate! There are areas in the Northern Territory where the sale and/or consumption of alcohol is restricted or banned altogether. If you'll be driving through some of these communities, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the laws regarding alcohol in these areas. It is not permitted to carry alcohol into or through restricted areas, so make sure you've planned your travel in advance. You may be fined, imprisoned or have your vehicle seized if you use it to transport alcohol to a restricted area for distribution without a liquor licence.

Click here for a list of restricted areas in the #RedCentreNT. These communities will display signage at their entry points. 

Bottle Shop Restrictions

There are restrictions in Alice Springs and Central Australia for the times and days you can buy takeaway alcohol, and how much you can buy of certain types of alcohol each day.

Restricted items include cask and fortified wine such as port. You can't purchase more than 1 litre of fortified wine or more than 2 litres of cask wine in a single day; cask wine is not generally available in Alice Springs, and fortified wine can only be purchased after 6.00pm. 

You can purchase takeaway alcohol during these trading hours:

Monday - Friday: 2.00pm - 9.00pm
Saturday & Public Holidays: 10.00 am - 9.00pm
Sunday: 12.00pm - 9.00pm, only from pubs with drive-through bottleshops 


Banned Drinker Register 

If you were asked for ID when buying a bottle of wine, you might be wondering if you're looking especially youthful today. We're all required to show photo identification when purchasing alcohol in the Northern Territory, so don't be intimidated if you're asked for ID at a bottle shop. 

For the most up to date information, please call the Alice Springs Visitor Information Centre on 1800 645 199. 

Alice Laundromat

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Ininti Cafe

Eating Out / Restaurant
Uluru, Kata Tjuta NT
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The Gem Cave

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