Are you ready to RUN the Larapinta Trail?

The iconic Larapinta Trail takes hikers and trail runners through 223 kilometres of stunning Outback. Broken into 12 sections, you can trek the whole way, or break it down into chosen sections. The trail follows the dramatic ridgelines of the West MacDonnell Ranges and finishes (or starts) at Mount Sonder. 

Challenge yourself physically and mentally by entering one of the two epic running events that will take you through the rugged Central Australian landscape, on this internationally-renowned trail.

Run Larapinta     |     West Macs Monster

Run Larapinta 4

Run Larapinta

West Macs Monster 3

West Macs Monster

Run Larapinta Stage Race

A four-day, four-stage race, the trails are tough but the views and scenery are unparalleled in their timeless beauty. Competitors are fully supported each day by volunteers manning remote water stations and optional transfers between start/finish lines and accommodation.


The 2023 race is set for August 24-27th, however is sold out (entry wait list has been enacted). It is an annual event.


Each year, organisers of Run Larapinta create a long and a short(er) course so that trail running beginners and elite runners have challenging options. These courses are made up of sections of the Larapinta Trail and span from 11 to 45 kilometres.

How to sign up

Get to the Run Larapinta Website and join the waitlist for the August 2023 event.

Run Larapinta

Run Larapinta 5

Run Larapinta

West Macs Monster

The West Macs Monster offers runners and ultra-marathoners five different trails of increasing distance. Thanks to staggered starts over three days, all competitors will finish together at the Telegraph Station.

Choose from the 231-kilometre Sonder Monster, 128-kilometre Ellery Monster, 65-kilometre Standley Monster, 25-kilometre Simpsons Monster, or five-kilometre Tele Monster. Each monster sees trail runners head east through the West MacDonnell Ranges, winding along ridges with stunning outlooks and down into the gorges. 


West Macs Monster is an annual event held in May. The 2023 event dates are 19-21st May.


Whichever monster you sign up for, they will all begin out on the Larapinta Trail and finish at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station.

How to sign up

Visit the West Macs Monster website and sign up for one of the five monsters.

West Macs Monster 2

West Macs Monster 4

West Macs Monster

Safety tips

  • Event organisers will keep an eye on weather and temperature and have management plans to enact, but only you know your limits so monitor this information as well 
  • Keep any event-issued items like a wristband and number plate on, as requested by the event organisers
  • Look out for other competitors on the trail and check in with volunteers as you see them too
  • Alice Springs is in the desert, so you can expect desert weather: warm days and cool nights. Prepare accordingly so you can keep racing throughout temperature changes.

Running Larapinta FAQ

- It is important to have trained and prepared before arriving to run the Larapinta Trail. Your body and mind need to be in the right place to tackle the distances, dry desert conditions, and terrain.
- Nutrition in the lead up is also very important so your body has the fuel to maintain itself.
- Trial different shoes, clothes, head torches, equipment and ways of carrying water/hydration so you have the best set up for when you hit the Larapinta Trail.
- Ensure your health insurance will cover an airlift, just in case.
Similar to any ultra-marathon event, it is recommended check the event website and entry requirements before departure for all safety gear you will need to carry with you, such as:

A first aid kit including a snake bandage, water/hydration you can carry, electrolyte satchets, mobile phone with good coverage, gps tracker (or app), space blanket, whistle, blister/chafe treatment, hat, beanie and waterproof jacket

Recovery items such as a foam roller, thongs, strapping tape and even a different pair of running shoes are also recommended.

Both events have "mandatory gear list" that all runners need to carry at all times:
- see Run Larpainta info
- see West Macs Monster info
Run Larapinta offer full race transfer packages at a cost during the registration process. Find out the details here

West Macs Monster provide a transfer option at a small additional cost.


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