The Tanami Track

Located in Western Australia's East Kimberley region, the Tanami Track is a 1,013 kilometre long desert road that stretches from the Great Northern Highway near Halls Creek to the Stuart Highway near Alice Springs.

The majority of the Tanami track is on land that belongs to the Warlpiri people, which most travellers traverse for a couple of days. Attractions include the Aboriginal communities of Yuendumu, Balgo, and Billiluna, which have cultural centres, and the community of Mulan, which provides access to the fixed inland wetlands of Lake Gregory and Lake Stretch, renowned for their extraordinary birdlife.

The Wolfe Creek Crater National Park, 145 kilometres south of Halls Creek and accessible via a 23-kilometre unsealed road from Carranya Station, is an additional attraction. Camping is available at both Wolfe Creek and Lake Gregory, and, as one might expect, there are countless opportunities for bush camping off the trail itself.

Tanami Desert

Tanami Track Fuel

On the Tanami, there are few fuel stations, with at least 600 kilometres between fill-ups; therefore, you should be familiar with your vehicle and its fuel economy and carry sufficient fuel in jerry cans in case of emergency.

Here is a list of all the fuel stops located on the way:

  • Billiluna, WA
    168km from Halls Creek | 885 km from Alice Springs
    (There is a $10 fee if you purchase out of the given hours)
  • Balgo, WA
    246 km from Halls Creek | 807km from Alice Springs
    Note: Balgo is approximately 35km off the Tanami Rd.
    Monday-Friday 8am-12pm & 1pm-4pm, Saturday 9am-12pm
    *Must be covid negative and provide proof of test result on arrival (as at 22/6/22)
  • Yuendumu, NT
    754km from Halls Creek | 299km from Alice Springs
    8.30am-1pm & 2pm-5pm Mon to Fri; 9.30am-12noon Sat & Sun
  • Tilmouth Well, NT
    854km from Halls Creek | 199km from Alice Springs
    7am - 9pm 7 days per week

Map and Facilities of the Tanami Road

Tanami Road Conditions

The Tanami Road is predominantly dirt with sections of sand. There are numerous severe bull dust pits, large corrugations, and dry creek beds composed of large, sharp gravel.

In the Northern Territory, the section of road beginning on the Stuart Highway and ending in Yuendumu is sealed. The remainder of the road is composed of dirt and gravel, and while two-wheel drive vehicles can traverse it, four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended.

Since 2014-2015, the Northern Territory Government has invested $16.5 million in an effort to seal the Tanami Road. 

For current information on the condition of the track, contact Halls Creek Visitor Information Centre for Western Australia's section, and check the Road Report for the Northern Territory's sections.

Tanami Desert croc87

Camping along Tanami Road (IG: @croc.87)


The Tanami Track is loaded with accessible camping locations. The following camps are known for their dazzling starry skies, spectacular sunsets, and peaceful nights.

Wolfe Crater

The first Tanami road camping area is located 145 kilometres south of Halls Creek in Wolfe Creek Crater National Park. At sunrise and sunset, the view from the rim of this 880-metre-wide meteorite crater is genuinely breathtaking. The crater, known to the locals as Karntimarlarl, is thought to be over 300 thousand years old. Spend the night at a Department of Parks and Wildlife-maintained primitive campsite and observe the desert's unique light show.

Diggers Rest

Aside from the abundant birds, this camping area is also home to several local wild camels. 

Renahans Bore

The presence of an antique windmill enhances the sunset at this camp site.

Quartz Ridge

This is the perfect camping spot to stop for lunch with a stunning 360-degree view of the desert . Telstra service is available here.

Sunset Gravelpit

Firewood is plentiful in this large camping spot which is an off-road region.

Elsey Hills Camp

You can stop for lunch at this campsite, but if you're a fan of astrophotography, this would be an excellent camp!


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