Where to stop when cycling around Uluru

A great way to explore Uluru at your own pace and time is to cycle around the base of Uluru. You enjoy ancient rock arts and magnificent waterholes on this self-guided adventurous path. The track is family-friendly with options for kids and toddlers. For bikes, you can contact the local bike hire operator or simply bring your own. If you don't have any transportation, you can opt for bike and transfer services to and from Ayers Rock Resort.

From the Cultural Centre the bike path is around 15kms that covers the complete loop around Uluru and the Liru Path to the Mala car park at the base of Uluru. Cyclists travel anticlockwise on this path while walkers walk clockwise to avoid accidents. 

The Uluru cycle path is divided into several sections, see them in more detail here:


Liru Path

If you're starting from the Cultural Centre, you'll need to take the Liru Path to get to the path that surrounds Uluru. This section is 4km and meets the Uluru Base Path at the Mala Carpark.

Uluru Cycling Liru Path

Lungkata Path 

From the Mala Carpark heading to Mutitjulu Waterhole is the Lungkata Path. It is the sandiest part where you can slide and skin through the sand. The trail runs so close to the rock that you may sometimes touch your bike handles.

You can enjoy the rock surface and carved caves at the Uluru base on this trail. There is a designated bike rack at Mutitjulu waterhole. So, you can park your bicycle and enjoy the black waters of the waterhole. You may also spot bloodwood trees and kangaroo grass here.


Mutitjulu Waterhole to Kuniya Piti

It would be easier to ride at this section as it is pretty flat. You will be surprised to see the rough texture of Uluru rock that looks as smooth as tin from afar. 

Uluru Cycling Mutitjulu

North-east Face Path

From Kuniya Piti to Kantju Gorge is known as the North-east Face Path. This trail leaves the rock and forms a wide arc around a small outlier of rock called Taputji or little Uluru. The rock comes in full focus, and its erosion makes it look like a brain in cross-section.

By the time you reach Kantju Gorge, the trail becomes rocky again. You can again park your bike here and walk for 400 metres to experience this waterhole.


Mala Path

The final leg on further riding is the Mala Path, you will experience the social structures of ancient times. While enjoying the fascinating art, you will again reach the Mala Carpark. With your lap around the rock complete, you can head back to the Cultural Centre via the Liru Path.

Uluru cycling couple

Uluru Bike Hire

For hiring a bike at Uluru, you can contact Outback Cycling located at the Cultural Centre of Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park. Here you can get different types of bikes that include: 

  • Standard bikes (for ages 11+)
  • Kids' bikes (for ages 6-10 years)
  • Kids tag-a-long bike (for 4-6 years); the bicycle attaches to a standard bike
  • Toddler seat (you can get it attached to your standard bike for a toddler weighing max 22 kgs)

Outback cycling also provides bike and transfer services to and from Ayers Rock Resort, through Uluru Hop on Hop off.

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