West MacDonnell Ranges Camping

Known by the name Tjoritja to its traditional owners, West MacDonnell National Park is one of Australia’s natural treasures and home to some of its very best camping. West MacDonnell Ranges camping affords visitors access to hiking on the beautiful Larapinta Trail as well as access to hidden waterholes, mountain lookouts, and ancient cultural sites. 


Yarretyeke / Redbank Gorge

Redbank Gorge camping is split between two sites: Ridge Top and Woodland. Both sites feature amenities like barbecues and fire pits and can be booked in advance online here, and no longer payable onsite ($4/adult, $2/child).

Redbank Gorge

Yarretyeke / Redbank Gorge

Angkerle Atwatye / Standley Chasm

A well-established and privately run campground with all camping facilities provided. The cost is $18.50 p/p or $60 per family and includes access to the beautiful Standley Chasm. Make sure to have a bite to each from the delicious cafe and if you're up for it, you should try their half-day cultural tour.


Yapalpe / Glen Helen Gorge


This is a privately run campsite (Discovery Parks) with non-camping (motel) accommodation also available at a range of prices. The campsite provides a beautiful base camp for hiking, off-road driving, and soaking up in the sun in the waterhole along the gorge. Enjoy the creature comforts of a pool, fully catered restaurant and caravan park facilities. Fuel and Mereenie Loop passes are available from here too.

Glen Helen Gorge

Yapalpe / Glen Helen Gorge

Glen Helen Discovery Parks

Discovery Parks - Glen Helen

Standley Chasm Salty Aura 134353

Angkerle Atwatye / Standley Chasm

Kwartatuma / Ormiston Gorge

The Ormiston Gorge camping site is set directly beneath the MacDonnell Ranges in a well-known location. The grounds can be paid for through an on-site cashier and most amenities are provided. 


Udepata / Ellery Creek Big Hole

The Ellery Creek camping ground is famous for being adjacent to the Ellery Creek Big Hole, a fabulous swimming spot set amongst desert rock formations and vegetation. There are ten camping sites that can be paid for online here, and no longer payable onsite ($4/adult, $2/child).

Ormiston Gorge

Kwartatuma / Ormiston Gorge

Ellery Creek Big Hole

Udepata / Ellery Creek Big Hole

Ellery creek big hole Carmen Huter TNT

Udepata / Ellery Creek Big Hole 

Serpentine Chalet

The Serpentine Chalet campsite provides a base from which to explore the beautiful nearby Serpentine Gorge. The campsite can be paid for online here, and no longer payable onsite ($4/adult, $2/child) and there are no amenities. Serpentine Chalet is 4WD access only.


Birthday Waterhole

This is a campsite next to the semi-permanent pool of Birthday Waterhole. Access is by 4WD roughly 14.4km off Namatjira Drive. Sites can be paid for online here, and no longer payable onsite ($4/adult, $2/child).


Finke River 2-Mile

Finke River is a free camping site near the usually dry bed of the Finke River. 4WD access is advised, but caravans can make it in during good weather. Sites can be paid for online here, and no longer payable onsite ($4/adult, $2/child).

Finke 2mile campground

Finke 2mile campground tent

Camping at Finke River 2 Mile campground

Larapinta Trail Campsites

There are a range of campsites in the West MacDonnell Ranges that are along the Larapinta Trail and only to be used by hikers. Walking and camping along the Larapinta Trail is permitted to be paid for online, here. Some of these are:

Simpsons Gap

This campsite can only be used by those hiking on the Larapinta Trail. There is a range of amenities including barbecues and toilets, making this an ideal basecamp. 

Jay Creek

Jay Creek is the trailhead for section 2 of the Larapinta Trail. This is a great jumping-off point for trail hiking but can only be accessed by 4WD.

Hugh Gorge

Hugh Gorge is a bush campsite offering access to the Hugh Gorge Trailhead and nearby Birthday Waterhole. The trailhead is the starting point for section 6 of the Larapinta Trail. 


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