Climate and Weather in Central Australia

Central Australia, one of the most sought tourist destinations in Australia, is a semi-arid region. It means that the region enjoys blue skies and warm weather throughout the year, with low rainfall. Long hours of sunshine (roughly nine hours), hot summers, and short and sunny winters with frosty mornings are the climate characteristics of Central Australia.

Winters can be cold with night-time temperatures dropping significantly low even when the daytime temperatures remain mild or high. So, you need to prepare for these changes and dress according to the weather. See what to pack below.

7 Day Forecasts

Alice Springs



Yulara / Uluru



Tennant Creek


Average Monthly Temperatures






20.9° 35.9° Summer


20.1° 35° Summer


17.1° 32.3° Autumn


12.2° 27.6° Autumn


7.7° 23° Autumn


4.9° 19.7° Winter


3.7° 19.5° Winter


6.0° 22.9° Winter


9.7° 27° Spring


14.4° 31.1° Spring


17.6° 33.9° Spring


19.9° 35.4° Summer

 Note: Temperatures shown are in degrees celsius.



Hot days and nights with temperatures ranging from 20 to 35oC. Temperature can regularly exceed 40 or even 45oC. In the Northern Territory, summer is also referred to as the "wet season". This is more the case in the Top End particularly along the coast where storms and higher rainfall are increased. That being said, the Red Centre does also experience most of our rain during these summer months, so check the weather reports for potential rain and flash flooding.

In summer it is recommended to plan your trip with the weather in mind. It is best to do any outdoor activities as early as possible (with sunrise) to avoid being outside in the hottest part of the day. This leaves the day light hours to relax by a pool or a natural waterhole and do indoor activities like visiting art galleries and museums. 



Warm days and nights mean it is one of the best times of the year to visit. 

At the beginning of our tourist season, the end of summer has occured and the more bearable warm weather settles in. Temperatures are still regularly in the 30's during the day but cooling down at night, making sleeping just that little bit easier. If you want to get in before the crowds ascend into Central Australia, Autumn (or Spring) are the best time to visit.



Cool sunny days, characterised with cold nights and morning frost, followed by pleasant afternoon temperatures. 

Winter is the peak tourist season and perfect time to come for a visit in Central Australia, with interstate travellers escaping their own cold, wet winter to a warmer and much less rainy holiday. Be warned that this does cause accommodation, car hire and tours to become booked out quickly so if you're planning a winter escape to book ahead.



Warm days and nights, thunder and dust storms and wildflower season make Spring one of the most exciting seasons. 

After a usually dry winter, Spring can be a wonderful adventure when the weather begins to change. Rain can be unpredictable but you can bet when it does rain the wildflowers begin to bloom, showing off just another side Central Australia.

What to Pack?

  • Sun safety: Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  • Water Bottle (always fill it up)
  • Light cotton clothes
  • Jumper or something warm (to throw on at night, particularly during winter)
  • Waterproof jacket (if you're holiday aligns with some of our unusual rain, don't let this stop you from visiting our natural wonders)
  • Sturdy shoes (it's likely you'll spend a bit of time walking so a comfortable pair of closed toe shoes is recommended)
  • Lip balm and moisturiser (the climate is quite different to anywhere in Australia and the dry environment is not something people always prepare for)


For other safety and health information see more here.


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