Desert Flowers of Central Australia

The flora of Central Australia is truly incredible. They range from tiny flowers to large shrubs and trees. The state flower, the Desert Rose, flowering eucalypts, grevilleas, hakeas, desert oak, and many other varieties can be seen all around. It's always a treat to see wildflowers blooming in the arid regions of the country, especially in the spring.

Arid landscape and desert dunes give way to mounds of billy button, minnie daisy, and yellowtop, as well as scented scree and the pink Schenkia Australis, as well as vistas filled with pussytail, longtail, and the bright scarlet Sturt Desert Pea. The early, the dry, and the wet are the three wildflower bloom seasons for the Northern territory flora and fauna.


Wildflowers Found Year Round 

Emubush Desert Fuchsia

Flowers of MacDonnell's Desert Fuchsia are pink and purple in colour. Winter, spring, and summer are the primary flowering seasons for this NT flora.

Golden Everlasting

The Golden Everlasting is a perennial daisy that can be found growing in a wide range of habitats, including subalpine areas, rainforest margins, and arid desert regions in Australia.


Buttercup Pigweed

In Central Australia, Buttercup Pigweed is a prostrate, thriving succulent herb that is either an annual or a perennial forb.

Green Bird Flower

There is a longer beaked keel than the wing petals on these native plants. The plant's large greenish yellow pea flowers are not the only thing that makes it stand out, but the rattling sounds come from the seed pods when they are shaken post maturity.

Golden Everlasting

Golden Everlasting

Wildflowers during the Dry

The temperature in the dry season in the Red Centre (December–February) is between 20°C and 35°C, with the average temperature. The wettest month is January, with an average rainfall of around 40 millimetres, but the climate is dry for most of the year; hence these are the wildflower varieties that grow.


Curry Wattle

Curry Wattle was coined because the leaves have a curry-like aroma when crushed between fingers. Scattered across the southern and central NT, this species bloom in June to August each year.

Sturt Desert Rose 1

Sturt Desert Rose

Sturt Desert Rose

The Northern Territory's floral emblem is the Sturt Desert Rose, blooming in late winter. Petals can reach a length of 5 centimetres and come in various hues, from pale pink to deep purple, with a bright red centre.


Tall Mulla Mulla

They are called Pussytail flowers because of their distinctive flower heads, which can be found growing on the Larapinta trail's stony plains, rocky slopes, or sand dunes.

Mulla Mulla 2

Mulla Mulla

Wildflowers during the Wet 

Rain and storms are common during the Wet season in Red Centre, which lasts from November to April.


Annual Yellowtop

The Annual Yellowtop, which can cover the landscape in spring when the region has received good autumn or winter rains, is one of Central Australia's most iconic wildflower images. Yellow daisy flowers may not bloom during droughts because they are annual.


Blue Pincushion

Blue Pincushion

The blue petals of the Blue Pincushion are adorned with pin-like styles that protrude from the cushion's top. They can be found in the sandplains and dunes of the Alice Springs region and other desert flowers.


Pink Rock Wort 

Prostrate perennial Pink Rock Wort has a delicate bright pink hue. Flowers bloom above the leaves in April (after a significant amount of rain) on a stem that is about 2-3 cm tall. Due to the species' restricted habitat in the greater MacDonnell Ranges, it is only found in the southern Northern Territory.


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