Top 7 Ways to Connect With Indigenous Culture In The Red Centre

The Red Centre is an area of Australia synonymous with Aboriginal heritage and sacred sites. It’s a region that attracts tourists from all over and a unique experience that will immerse you in ancient culture.

Indigenous Australians place great value on their culture and sacred sites and they expect the same from visitors. Learn all you can about Aboriginal culture in the area and always pay respect to indigenous elders when visiting sacred sites. Ask questions, listen and never desecrate a sacred site in any way.


#1 - Karkke Aboriginal Cultural Experience

The Karkke Tour takes place in the stunning Kings Canyon, with a number of tours taking place each day from Wednesday through to Sunday. For a mere $99/adult, you’ll be able to get up close with Aboriginal culture, discovering more about native medicine, bush tucker and traditional hunting and gathering techniques. You’ll even be treated to boomerang and spear displays that will leave you impressed. You might even pick up some of the local language.

Karrke 5

Karrke 6

#2 - Maruku Cave Tours

The Maruku Rock Art Cave Tour at Uluru is a tour of the magnificent family art caves at Uluru, featuring the works of 900 local artists. You’ll discover the significance and beauty of Aboriginal heritage depicted through rock art by your Anangu guide.

#3 - Standley Chasm Art and Cultural Tour

Standley Chasm is located in Tjoritja/West MacDonnell National Park. Visitors can take in all the sites of this culturally-rich region by embarking on the Standley Chasm Walk Cultural Tour. The walk is an easy one, spanning just 2.4km. Local indigenous people will guide you along the walk, where you’ll discover the significance of the area, including the Women’s Dreaming site. You'll be treated to a cultural presentation, and then a dot-painting workshop to learn about the traditional symbols and techniques used in painting.

Standley Chasm Cycad Walk

Standley Chasm presentation

#4 - Desert Park “Survival In The Desert” Talk

Take time out to listen to an awe-inspiring talk by local Damien Armstrong, a descendant of local Aboriginal tribes. Survival In the Desert is one such talk you won’t want to miss, as it teaches you how the indigenous people survive in harsh conditions. The talk could save your life.

#5 - Ranger Guided Mala Walk at Uluru

The Mala Walk at Uluru is a free guided tour that takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete and covers 2km. Along the walk, you’ll discover incredible the Kantju Gorge, Aboriginal rock art, cave structures and rock formations and how indigenous people believe they were created.

Guided Mala Walk

#6 - Uluru Sacred Sites Tour with AAT Kings

If you fancy a tour of the sacred sites that includes an Uluru sunset tour, then the Uluru Sacred Sites Tour with AAT Kings is for you. This 5 hour tour aboard a luxury coach will provide you with fabulous Aboriginal stories regarding each sacred site you visit. The tour culminates with a spectacular sunset viewing of Uluru.

#7 - Patji Tour at Uluru with SEIT

Immerse yourself in an authentic Aboriginal experience when you embark on the SEIT Patji Tour of Uluru. Join a traditional Uluru family descendant and discover how Paddy Uluru fought for Aboriginal land rights where Uluru is located. Morning and afternoon departures are available for the Patji Tour.

SEIT Patji Tour Uluru

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