The Best Stargazing In The Red Centre

Perhaps some of the most intoxicating sights unique to Australia’s Red Centre are the region’s night skies. There is no light pollution in Central Australia and this means visitors can see the stars in their unobstructed glory from almost anywhere.

Despite the cool climate at night, the views of the constellations are majestic and worth staying up past bedtime to witness. Constellations which cannot be seen from anywhere else in the world are observable from Central Australia’s lookouts and observatories.

The Earth Sanctuary and Uluru Astronomy are two destinations where visitors can learn more about the night skies and how early explorers used them to navigate. The Dark Skies Festival offers visitors the chance to observe some of the clearest night skies seen in Australia. We provide information about these destinations below.

Earth Sanctuary sky tour

Earth Sanctuary Astro Tour

Earth Sanctuary Astro Tours

The Earth Sanctuary offers stargazing tours in Alice Springs. They are one of only three places in Australia that offer night sky viewing opportunities without light pollution from artificial lights or moonlight interference with star visibility. The centre offers astronomy tours, exciting School learning adventures, events and Outback dining experiences for group tours and inbound operators. The Dark Skies Festival is held at Earth Sanctuary every year.

Earth Sanctuary Astro Tours

Uluru Astronomy

Uluru Astronomy is the perfect opportunity for tourists to enjoy the night sky and learn about indigenous astronomy. There are a couple of different operators who have astronomy tours at Uluru.

Outback Sky Journeys

Discover the night sky through a journey of the southern stars. Choose between a family friendly option or an in-depth star gazing experience. Use telescopes as an expert astronomer guides you through constellations, distant galaxies, and highlights significant stars and planets. Learn the mythology and astronomy behind how people use the stars across different cultures. $57/adult.


Capturing the Cosmos

If you are looking for an afternoon activity, the Capturing the Cosmos documentary is the perfect activity. This astronomy documentary reveals the current research and technologies about radio astronomy, dark energy and Australia’s role at the forefront of radio astronomy. Proudly partnered by Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia with ASTRO3D. Free Daily at 2pm (for 45 minutes) in the Arkani Theatre.


Uluru Astro Tours

In partnership with Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, Uluru Astro Tours has been granted special access to the national park after hours for the most ideal stargazing location. Learn about space, the stars and surprises of the night sky in this 90 minute experience. $99/adult, $60/child.

Uluru Astro Tours

Astronomy FAQ

The best time to see the stars and milky way are when the moon is in its smallest crescent, meaning it is irradiating the smallest amount of light.
If you are wanting to learn about astronomy, use telescopes, hear the ancient stories about the Aboriginal peoples beliefs about the night sky and be amazed about the stars, then you need a visit to the Earth Sanctuary in Alice Springs.
Depending on the time of year, different planets come into view and alignment with other planets. Attend a tour today to learn about what is currently in view!

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