Things To Do In Alice Springs

Alice Springs offers fun for the whole family the whole year round. From its many museums and galleries to nature parks, natural attractions, tours and fine dining, there is always something on offer which will appeal to people with a wide range of different interests. Alice Springs is most accessible from the air, however, intrepid travelers may also drive there. Once you have arranged your transportation and accommodation, read the following guide to Alice Springs’ attractions to help plan your stay.

Art Galleries

There are a large variety of art galleries located within the CBD area of Alice Springs as well as the light industrial area on the west side of town. Art galleries in Alice Springs have a strong focus on Indigenous Australian art which depicts the sacred beliefs and traditions of the local Arrernte people. Art for sale can be purchased through the galleries or visitors can simply browse through the collections and gain an appreciation for Alice Springs’ creative culture. 

Bindi Gallery

Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists Gallery

Iltja Ntjarra Selma Coulthard painting

Iltja Ntjarra (Many Hands) Art Centre - Selma Coulthard painting

Tjanpi Weaver Artist

Tjanpi Desert Weavers - Julie Yangki

Araluen Arts Centre Collage

Araluen Arts Centre

History & Museums

Alice Springs’ museums are located in the CBD and Stuart Terrace precinct, with various other sites across town. Various museums depict the evolution of transportation in Central Australia, including the Royal Flying Doctor Service, ancient megafauna which used to roam the region and local wildlife which currently thrives in the areas surrounding Alice Springs. Entry to the Alice Springs museums is available during business hours and admission can be paid at the door. 

Cycling & Mountain Biking

For outdoor enthusiasts, cycling and mountain biking are available in the areas surrounding Alice Springs. My Ride and Red Centre Adventures are a good starting point for cycling enthusiasts; they rent bikes and can guide you through the trails of the area. Trails are present on the East and West sides of Alice Springs. East-side trails are more gentle, suitable for intermediate to advanced riders, trails on the West side of town are for the advanced enthusiast only. Cycling around Alice Springs itself is also extremely popular because of how flat the town is.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking around Alice Springs

Simpsons Gap Cycling Path

Simpsons Gap Cycling Path

Aerial Tours

Aerial tours of Alice Springs are possible via several companies which offer hot air balloon rides, glider flights, scenic flights and helicopter tours of Alice Springs. You can check out the panoramic vistas of the Alice Springs region from way up in the air. Watch the horizon blend into the clouds and see if you can spot notable landmarks on the ground from far up above.

Alice Springs Helicopters

Alice Springs Helicopters

Outback Ballooning

Outback Ballooning 

Nature Walks & Hiking

The area surrounding Alice Springs is perfect for day trips with hikes at the forefront of the agenda. In Alice Springs you can walk along the Todd River, around the Telegraph Station, to the Desert Park and further to Simpsons Gap, and in the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens. For a fun and informative way to get to know Alice Springs, consider jumping on a walking tour.

The Larapinta Trail is probably the most noteworthy of hikes in the area surrounding Alice Springs - it starts at the Telegraph Station and heads west 231km along the West MacDonnell Ranges across 12 sections. These sections can be completed as a multiday hike or in individual sections. Some of the most popular options can be found here.

There are also hiking trails located in the East MacDonnell Ranges at Trephina Gorge and between Emily and Jessie Gap. Nature walks offer unparalleled views of the natural beauty of the Central Australian desert as well as insight into the local flora and fauna which is unique to the region.

Ormiston Gorge and Pound

Trephina Gorge Ridgetop (We Are Explorers/Renae Saxby)

Ormiston Gorge and Pound PAWNT

Larapinta Trail

Astronomy & Sunsets

The night sky in Alice Springs offers some of the most visually stunning displays in Australia. There is very little light pollution in this area so even some of the faintest constellations of stars become visible after the sun has set. The Earth Sanctuary is the best place in Alice Springs to learn about the night skies in a semi-formal environment. Most areas of the town, however, present a bright, vibrant night sky for the purposes of stargazing. 

Earth Sanctuary Telescope

Earth Sanctuary sky tour

Earth Sanctuary Astronomy Tours


Dining options in Alice Springs are as varied as they are delicious. There is food from many cultures around the world available at a plethora of restaurants dotted throughout the town. Indian, Chinese, Italian and Australian cuisine are just some of the options available to out-of-towners. There are a few local options not readily available anywhere else in the country, like crocodile, emu and kangaroo, at restaurants serving Australian cuisine. There are also several nice pubs and bars located in Alice Springs which serve alcohol.


The wildlife of Central Australia is totally unique and localised to the desert region. In Alice Springs, the Desert Park and Reptile Centre are the best ways to connect with the local wildlife; on tours led by local guides familiar with the bush and all its creatures. Visitors to Alice Springs can join Pyndan Camel Tracks to form a bond with their gentle camel while riding up close to the MacDonnell Ranges and catch sight of kangaroos and other wildlife during their one hour tour.

Reptile Centre Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre

Pyndan Camels

Pyndan Camel Tracks

Day Trips to Surrounds

Day trips to the Alice Springs surrounds are possible via several tour companies. Trips to the East and West MacDonnell Ranges as well as Uluru are available. Each of these areas contains its own list of unique things to do and you can read more about these activities by following the links above. For places to visit South of Alice Springs see here.

Things to do in Alice Springs


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