Art and Culture at Uluru and Kata Tjuta

Uluru is more than a majestic natural landmark. It is a site of immense cultural importance, and this importance is reflected in the ancient and modern art of the Anangu traditional owners. 

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Uluru and Kata Tjuta Art Galleries

When visiting Uluru, you have a wide range of options to learn about and engage with the art and culture of the region. Here are highlights of the galleries and tours available in the surroundings of Uluru.

Must-Visit Art Galleries

Gallery of Central Australia

The Gallery of Central Australia features a range of local artists and offers guided tours explaining traditional art practices and the cultural significance of Aboriginal art. 

Gallery of Central Australia

Maruku Arts

Maruku Arts is a gallery of painting and woodwork by local artists that also offers an art workshop and guided art tours. 


Walkatjara Arts

Located inside the Cultural Centre, Walkatjara Arts is an art centre owned and operated by the local Mutitjulu community. 

Gallery of Central Australia Artist in Residence

Walkatjara Arts Gallery

Maruku Arts dotpainting workshop

Maruku Arts Gallery

Uluru and Kata Tjuta Art Tours

Field of Light

Field of Light is an art installation within sight of Uluru and Kata Tjuta by celebrated international artist Bruce Munro. The installation is made up of 50,000 stemmed spheres of illuminated glass that have to be seen at night. 

Ayers Rock Resort

Ayers Rock Resort operate a return coach transfer from Ayers Rock Resort to the installation, including entry on a nightly basis. Booking ahead of time is essential, particularly during the peak season (April-October). 


AAT Kings

The AAT Kings transfer to the Field of Light installation begins before sunrise and returns 30 minutes after dawn so you can see the installation in the dark as well as against the backdrop of the rising sun. 

Field of Light

Field of Light with couple

Field of Light display

Maruku Arts

Dot Painting Experience

The Maruku Arts Dot Painting Experience is a 1.5-hour workshop with an Anangu artist who will teach you ancient symbols and help you create your own A5 canvas.

Cave Art Tour

This is a one-hour tour with an Anangu guide explaining the significance of rock art at Uluru, local creation stories, and cultural practices like the preparation of bush tucker. 

Maruku Arts dotpainting workshop

Maruku Arts dot painting workshop

Uluru Rock Art 

Uluru art can be discovered at the site of the rock itself in the form of rock art tours. Take the ranger-guided Mala Walk to get a fuller understanding of the cultural significance of the site and the ancient rock art found in its surroundings. 



Uluru Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre

The Cultural Centre is located in the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park and hosts both Maruku and Walkatjara Arts, Ininti Cafe as well as cultural presentations by local rangers. 


Uluru and Kata Tjuta Cultural Tours

Uluru Aboriginal Art and Cultural Experience (AAT Kings)

New in 2022, this is a half-day tour of Uluru guided by an Anangu traditional owner. You will learn of the significance of rock art sites and be told traditional stories that have been passed down through countless generations. 


Patji — A True Aboriginal Experience (SEIT)

This is a cultural tour guided by an ancestor of the Uluru family in their traditional lands near the rock. The tour is a 7-hour 4WD experience that will stop at sites to teach you about ancient culture, desert living, and the history of how Paddy Uluru fought for land rights in the region.

SEIT Patji Tour Uluru

SEIT Patji Tour

SEIT - Patji Tour

Art + Culture Experiences


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