Aboriginal Culture

Aboriginal culture has an incredible history spanning thousands of years, and this culture has been maintained through generations by rich traditions of storytelling, art, dance, and music.

These traditions are unique to the various geographical regions of Australia, but they can be commonly characterised by a deep connection between people and country. This connection is recorded and recalled in the form of stories encompassing the land’s origins (the Dreamtime), spirituality, morality, kinship systems, hunting practices, knowledge about bush foods, and much more.

In Central Australia, you can not only come to see the stunning beauty of the natural environment but also learn about and experience thousands of years of cultural tradition. 

Aboriginal Culture Tours


If you want to learn about the history and cultural significance of Aboriginal art, there are many guided ranger tours in the region that can help you explore its most important ancient rock art sites.

At some galleries, you will also find local Aboriginal artists offering tours and workshops explaining modern and traditional artistic practices. 

Living Off the Land

You will also find cultural tours in the region aimed at demonstrating and explaining traditional practices for living off the land. On these tours, the local Aboriginals can show you how to hunt, identify bush tucker, and prepare traditional meals. You can also learn about traditional rituals and ceremonies integral to daily life in the region. 

Music and Dance

If you are interested in music and dance, you can aim to time your trip with one of the many music and dance festivals held each year in Central Australia. Many of these festivals incorporate historical dance and music traditions that communicate ancient dreaming stories, while also showcasing contemporary Aboriginal performance styles.


Gallery of Central Australia Artist in Residence

Maruku Arts dot painting workshop, Uluru

Karrke Cultural Tour symbols

Karrke Cultural Tours, Kings Canyon

Tjanpi Desert Weavers in riverbed

Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Alice Springs

Desert Song 1

Desert Song Festival

Art Galleries

Araluen Arts Centre

Referring to itself as ‘the keeping place of stories’, the Araluen Arts Centre puts on a comprehensive array of traditional and contemporary art, dance, music, and film. There is a focus on art traditions from Central Australia, but the centre also draws the performances and exhibitions of Aboriginal artists from around the country. 

Gallery of Central Australia

The Gallery of Central Australia is a must for all cultural trips to Central Australia. The gallery hosts a range of practising local artists who also guide tours that explain traditional and contemporary artistic practices, as well as the stories and symbols they rely on. 

Uluru Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre

The Cultural Centre, located near Central Australia’s most famous natural landmark, offers a range of art exhibitions, but it also offers Aboriginal tours by rangers that will inform you about the broader cultural practices of the region. 


Finke Gorge NP 4WD

Gallery of Central Australia (GoCA)

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