Family & Kids

If you are looking for things to do with family and kids, Central Australia has plenty of options in-store. Whether it is the desert park, reptile centre, fossicking, or other activities with family, Central Australia is the place to be. 

The real fun in activities is when you enjoy them with your family and kids. When you do activities with your family and kids, it strengthens your bond and offers you a chance to experience the goodness of life together and create memories that last a lifetime.

National Road Transport Museum

Fun in Learning

One of the greatest advantages of fun activities is that they can be a learning experience too. Most of the activities stimulate the brain and help you learn something new or give you a chance to visit a new place. Whether you are looking for fun, knowledge, or a unique experience, Central Australia has it all.

Learn about the Colonial History

Earlier settlers have been a driving force of change. You can learn how inventions such as Telegraph Stations, National Road Transport Museum, Royal Flying Doctor Service, School of the Air, and Arltunga shaped the culture and history of the region.

Aboriginal Culture

If you really wish to know about Australia, you should know its culture, which is deeply entwined with the aboriginal community. Central Australia offers you a chance to get first-hand information on the key elements of Aboriginal cultures, with special emphasis on kinship, language, and diversity within and between various cultures.

School of the Air

Natural wonders of the Red Centre

Just outside Alice Springs lies the MacDonnell Ranges with its numerous natural attractions, from gaps, gorges and chasms. You can choose from a range of attractions that are 15 minutes to approximately 2 hours drive away, spreading in both east and west direction. Make the best of your day trips by visiting the natural gorges, waterholes, and lunch spots. You can drive yourself, hire a car, or get on a tour from Alice Springs.


If star gazing is your thing, Central Australia is the right place. The Earth Sanctuary in Alice Springs is a great place for stargazing in Central Australia, with evening astro tours and overnight slumbers available to learn about the natural beauty of the night sky.

Glen Helen girls running

Glen Helen Gorge

Wildlife and Outdoor Adventures

Alice Springs Desert Park and the Reptile Centre, are a couple of the places you can visit to get a taste of Australian wildlife. The visit will provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy some time in the company of nature and learn about wildlife. It is a great way to get kids interested in nature. If you are after a more active animal experience, you should consider a camel ride too!

The Field of Light, Uluru

While in Central Australia, a visit to Uluru is a must. Here, you'll see The Field of Light, an overwhelming area covering more than seven football fields, with its fantasy garden of over 50,000 spindles of light. The spectacle of the stems breathing and moving along an amiable spectrum of ochre, violet, blue and gentle white is something you should not miss.

Adventurous and Hands-on Activities

If you are looking for ways to keep kids entertained and busy, get them moving, or keep them active physically, you can opt for any (or all) of the following activities:

Please note that some age restrictions may apply to infants and pregnant women.

4WD car overlooking ranges

Gemtree - fossicking tour

Pyndan Camels family

Pyndan Camel Tracks

Book Your Family Adventure

So, what's stopping you? Get your bags packed and head to Central Australia to enjoy your time with family and kids. There are several great things in store as the perfect outdoor adventure in Central Australia awaits you!


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