Hands-On Art Classes In Central Australia

If you are visiting Central Australia there are many activities for you to do. One of them is understanding and experimenting with the local art. There are many places which offer art classes and workshops for visitors. If you are a tourist to the Red Centre and are interested in learning about the local art, here are some excellent options for you. 


Ayeye Atyenhe Art Workshop, Alice Springs

One of the most interesting activities for visitors to Alice Springs to experience is the Aboriginal Art Experience with Ayeye Atyenhe Art. The 90 minute experience allows the recognised Aboriginal Artists Marie Ryder and Kevin Bird, share their stories and knowledge of art and culture with travellers. Then you will enjoy a painting workshop where you can learn the symbols and techniques used throughout history to tell stories passed on between generations. Create your own piece of art to take home as a momento of this wonderful experience. This session is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00pm - 2:30pm.

If you can't make it to the workshop they also offer an opportunity to have your own story painted by these artists, a first for both artists and art lovers alike. We all have a lot of life experiences; a collection of success stories; a group of stories of disappointment; love stories and heartbreak tales. Marie Ryder says, "Tell me your story, and let me sketch and paint it." The stunning works are tailored to the client's desired size and colour palette using a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques. To get your story painted click here.

Standley Chasm Dot-painting Workshop, West Macs

Aboriginal dot paintings are regarded as a priceless part of the Indigenous culture and one of the most widely recognised forms of Indigenous art. Drawings were essential in Aboriginal culture because they were used to tell stories and pass on knowledge and history from generation to generation. The Western Arrernte people, the traditional custodians of the land, place a high cultural value on Atwatye, also known as Standley Chasm.

You'll be completely immersed in this site for a half-day site tour where the workshop's duration is a half-day (4.5hours), and the session is priced at $90. In addition to learning about the gorge's native flora and fauna, you'll also experience a guided walk through the gorge while learning about bush medicine, bush tucker, and bush weapons used by the locals. After that, you can participate in a dot painting workshop, where you'll learn about traditional techniques and symbolism while making a unique keepsake. The best thing about this workshop is that you do not have to carry anything but just your essentials for the tour. 

Standley Chasm Art and Cultural Tour

Standley Chasm dotpainting workshop

Curtin Springs Paper Making, Lasseter Hwy

Curtin Springs Station's native grasses are used to make handmade paper, and if you are an Uluru tourist you cannot afford to miss it. Each piece is a unique and beautiful reminder of Central Australia's desert landscape, showcasing its diversity. This paper making workshop at the Old Abattoir building, is of 1 hour duration and comes with exclusive access to the full range of Curtin Springs paper products.

At the session, visitors will be able to see and touch various stages of the paper-making process in action. During the presentation, participants will see first-hand how paper is made. Each participant will get a chance to try their hand at "pulling" a piece of paper. Afterwards, you'll be able to review the shop's offerings. Jewellery made with Curtin Springs Paper is genuinely one-of-a-kind. You can take them as presents for those who couldn't join you on your trip, or a reminder of the blue sky and red sand of Central Australia.

Curtin Springs Paper Making

Maruku Dot painting Workshop, Uluru

Maruku's dot-painting class is one of the most unique art classes in Central Australia that is both educational and entertaining! Learn about local Anangu symbols, hunting and gathering tools, and more from a local Anangu artist and interpreter. Take a cue from the creation story (Tjukurpa) and use it to inspire your artistic endeavours in this thought-provoking and often therapeutic journey for the whole family.

Since Maruku Dot painting Workshop is run by a non-profit organization, a minimum of 5 persons is necessary for workshop bookings. The cost for children is $36, $72 for adults, and $198 for families comprising 2 children and 2 adults. Through their workshops, their artists allow you to experience a piece of their culture while learning something new and creating something to show off to your friends and family members back home. While you won't know how to do professional dot painting in this 1.5 hour course, you will better understand Aboriginal art and culture.

Maruku Arts dotpainting workshop

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