Top places to see Central Australia's Breathtaking Nature and Wildlife

Central Australia is home to some of the most unique and amazing wildlife in the world. Australia contains many different species of reptiles, mammals, monotremes and birds that have truly unique appearances that have to be seen to be believed.

You can find and interact with these beautiful creatures by visiting the many sanctuaries and wildlife parks that central Australia has to offer.  

Wildlife experiences and tours

Alice Springs Desert Park

The Alice Springs Desert Park is a great place for tourists to explore and learn about the Australian landscape. The park has a variety of different landscapes, including sand dunes, rocky outcrops, and spinifex grasslands. Living in the terrain are a diverse collection of over 100 native species of animals, including the rare black-footed rock wallaby, dingoes and the red kangaroo.

The Alice Springs Desert Park offers various activities for visitors such as guided tours, bird show, nocturnal tour, and reptile house.

Alice Springs Reptile Centre

The Alice Springs Reptile Centre is the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. It is home to over 700 reptiles from all around the world, including crocodiles, lizards, snakes and turtles. When you visit the centre, you can get up close to these amazing creatures thanks to the walk-through terrariums or view them from behind glass in specially designed exhibits. 

Kangaroo Sanctuary

The Kangaroo Sanctuary is a not-for-profit wildlife rehabilitation and conservation organisation providing a safe haven for injured and orphaned kangaroos and other native animals in Alice Springs. The Sanctuary is committed to the care and protection of native Australian animals and gives you the chance to safely get up and close with the animals as they stay at the sanctuary.

Camel Ride

Camel rides are one of the best ways to see and experience this vast, remote and diverse landscape that is the Australian desert and outback. They can help you enjoy the amazing views, feel the fresh air on your face and take in some of Australia's amazing wildlife. Camel Rides are available in Alice Springs and at Uluru.

Alice Springs Desert Park dingo encounter

Dingo Experience at Alice Springs Desert Park

Reptile Centre Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon at Alice Springs Reptile Centre

Kangaroo Sanctuary

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Uluru Camels Uluru view

Uluru Camel Tours

Bird Watching

If you’re an avid bird watcher, Central Australia offers a unique opportunity to sight a wide variety of rare birds that are endemic to the area thanks to the many different habitats in the area. Native birds to sight include white-throated grasswren, white-lined honeyeater, hooded parrot and the palm cockatoo.

Many migratory birds live in this area such as waterfowl and waders congregate at the billabongs as the waters from the wet season begin to dry up so you will have to plan your trip carefully to not miss out. See if you can spot these 13 bird species.

Birdwatching with Binoculars

Ringneck Parrot

Australian Ringneck (Pt Lincoln) Parrot

Wild Flowers

Central Australia has an incredible range of diverse landscapes, including sand dunes, rocky outcrops, rainforests and spinifex grasslands providing ecosystems to provide the home for many wildflowers that you can’t see anywhere else in the world. When you visit Central Australia you will have the opportunity to witness this magnificent flora that provides bright colours and unique textures that contrast with the dusty surface of the Australian outback. 

Mt Sonder Lookout The Salty Travellers 134427

Mulla Mulla Wildflowers

National and Nature Parks

Throughout Central Australia you will be no doubt visiting some of our beautiful protected areas full of flora and fauna. Keep your eyes open to catch some of our native wildlife species.

Spot the Peregrine Falcons at Simpsons Gap (West MacDonnell National Park), see Dingo's on the side of the road at Kings Canyon (Watarrka National Park) and Emu's at Erldunda Roadhouse. Budgies and Zebra Finches will be a plenty around the waterholes (especially when they are freshly topped up), Red Kangaroos can be spotted from a distance as they hop across the landscape and wild Brumby's can be seen while travelling on remote roads like the Mereenie Loop. 

And be sure not to miss some of our greatest native plants, with the Red Cabbage Palm in Finke Gorge National Park and the Red Gums that line the mostly waterless rivers.

Finke Gorge NP palm trees

Palm Valley, Finke Gorge National Park


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