4 BIG Reasons Kids Should Visit Uluru

Uluru does have its fair share of very significant, very sacred and very serious aspects. But, it also has plenty of exciting, interesting and fun aspects which are perfect for kids and everyone in the family to enjoy. Even though there are cultural elements which need to be respected, kids are more than welcome to come here, enjoy the place and learn a whole bunch!

Here’s just a few of the top reasons why we think kids should visit and love Uluru.


1. Uluru's History & Facts for Kids

Aside from being the world’s largest rock, which in itself is enough to get any kid excited, there are several awesome historical sites which date back to the ancient world that all kids love.

Mala Walk Guided Tour & Ancient Rock Art

Following the base of Uluru through to Kantju Gorge, this easy walk starts with a free guided-talk from an expert ranger. They’ll tell you all about the rock itself, the local heritage, flora & fauna and most importantly for the kids, they’ll show you ancient rock art and explain what all the different symbols and designs mean. This art has been on the rocks for thousands of years and is bound to blow them away.

Kuniya Walk

Take the Kuniya Walk to ​​Mutitjulu Waterhole and learn all about one of the most significant Creation stories of the region; the deadly battle between Kuniya (the woma python) and Liru (the poisonous brown snake man). The kids’ imaginations will soar as they make the connections between the incredible story and the awesome landscape around them.

Mala Guided Walk WAE Renae Saxby

Ranger Guided Mala Walk (WAE/Renae Saxby)

Mala Walk WAE Renae Saxby

Mala Walk (WAE/Renae Saxby)

Mutitjulu Waterhole WAE Renae Saxby

Mutitjulu Waterhole (WAE/Renae Saxby)

2. An Area Rich in Culture

Maruku Dot Painting Workshop

For an experience that’s a little more hands on and something kids can take home and show their friends, why not book the family in for a Maruku Dot Painting Workshop? Guided by local Anangu artists, this 1.5 hour workshop will give kids all the tools they need to dot paint something that is truly their own. For a fun and educational activity, this is a fantastic class to add to your afternoon itinerary that can’t be missed. 

Ayers Rock Resort guest activities

Listen to the stories about Aboriginal culture and traditions, be shown weaponry used for hunting and tools used by the women to gather bushtucker. Experience how the local indigenous groups would hunt, gather and prepare these bush foods. Learn some of the local Pitjantjatjara language, or listen to the sounds of a didgeridoo in a range of free activities available at Ayers Rock Resort.

Maruku Arts dotpainting workshop

Maruku Arts Dotpainting

Maruku Arts dot painting workshop

Maruku Arts dotpainting workshop

Guided Garden Walks

Maruku Arts Dotpainting

Bush Food Experience

3. Nature at Its Most Bold and Beautiful

Watch the Sunset in Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park

Although it might seem like a romantic idea, even kids are blown away by the sheer magic and beauty of watching the sun fall behind Uluru. Make an evening out of it and follow the sunset up with a delicious dinner of bush tucker, with ingredients that are sure to get the kids curious.

Kata Tjuta

Aside from the obvious fascination of Uluru, did you know there is actually a bigger monolith in the national park to enjoy. Kata Tjuta is taller and covers more land area than Uluru does, making it a fun and exciting part of nature to experience. 

Uluru at sunset

Kata Tjuta aerial

4. A Place for Adventure

Camel Rides

There’s no more exhilarating feeling for a child than sitting atop a camel and trotting around the desert. Something loved by all and entirely unique to Central Australia, it’s the perfect way for kids to experience the stunning scenery of the region AND having a super cool story to go home with. 

Bike Ride Around Uluru

If the kids are energetic, then they’ll probably love the chance to ride a bike around the base of Uluru. The track is just 15km long and at a leisurely pace can be completed in around 3 hours. Outback Cycling offers bikes for hire, including kids bikes, adult bikes, tag-a-longs and toddler seats. And if it’s a little difficult to get the kids rounded up, they even offer an option for transfer to and from your hotel. Easy!

Helicopter Flight

The ultimate adventure high in the sky. What could possibly be cooler than flying in a helicopter over the desert and looking at the world’s biggest rock? Ayers Rock Helicopters or Professional Helicopter Services (PHS) can give your kids the world in flights over Uluru & Kata Tjuta. Guaranteed to be a good time and guaranteed to be something that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Uluru Cycling

Outback Cycling around Uluru

Uluru from Helicopter

Uluru from a helicopter

Book Your Kid Friendly Adventure

So with all these epic reasons for kids to love Uluru, it’s a no brainer to book an experience today. Let’s go!


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