Top 15 Mountain Biking Trails to Try Today

Mountain bike trails and track networks around Alice Springs are almost infinite, with so many combinations to try. We’ve broken it down into 15 of the best MTB trails to try around Alice Springs for riders at different levels.

Be sure to grab a copy of the Alice Springs MTB Trails guide from the visitor’s centre, which contains maps and other safety information about the most popular trails. A lot of these trails are shared with walkers, runners and desert critters making it important to keep an eye out and treat anyone you come across with respect and commonsense.


1. Atetherre

West of the Todd River is this four-kilometre loop, best for easing into the riding conditions of the Red Centre. Follow the trail signage and remember to remain on the track. 

2. Arrwe

Across on the eastside of town is this five-kilometre loop from the Alice Springs Telegraph Station. Enjoy the trail and some refreshments from the Trail Station Café.

3. Eastside Trail

This track will take you past a few trailheads for other mountain biking trails, so it's a good as a warm up. The trail is two-way, so keep an eye out for other mountain bike riders and trail runners.

More Difficult

4. Apwelantye

An 11-kilometre loop departing from the Alice Springs Telegraph Station, you will be taken cross country. Be sure to have repair and first aid necessities. 

5. Aherre

Enjoy the view from Undoolya Lookout at the end of this six-kilometre trail, before tackling Aherre in reverse or continuing on to Pegasus.

6. Skyline

Singletrack with incredible views of the skyline looking north, you’ll be challenged throughout these four-and-a-half kilometres, with great technical sections.

7. Atyunpe

Another fantastic Eastside trail, Atyunpe will keep you coming back with its flowy track that some compare to XC-style. Join up with Apwelantye, or pick from a myriad of other trails at the Eastside Junction.

8. Larapinta Trail

Famous as one of Australia’s best walking trails, mountain bike riders are now welcome to share and connect with the desert along this short three-kilometre section.

9. Nturrerte

Out to the west of Alice Springs, this flowy six-kilometre loop treats you to changing surfaces as you head up and down the hilly landscape. It is singletrack, so obey signage and respect other riders.

10. Locomotive

You might spot the Ghan as this fast three-and-a-half kilometre track takes you alongside the railway line; good for a bit of fun and confidence building.

11. Hell Line

The longest mountain bike trail on the list, Hell Line is 15 kilometres through some challenging terrain. Even experienced riders should not underestimate this track. Go prepared with plenty of water, solid equipment, and bring any rubbish home again.

12. Road Train

Linking Hell Line with Eastside tracks such as Larapinta and Apwelantye, this trail has stunning views. After working up an appetite, you’ll be glad to see the Trail Station Cafe at its end.

Very difficult

13. Bus

A one-way trail, you’ll have to hitch a ride on Locomotive before feeling the burn on a steep climb. Then, enjoy Isaac Newton’s discovery that, “What goes up must come down!”. A technical, rocky descent is the finisher for this three-and-a-half kilometre track.

14. Unyerre

At only one-and-a-half kilometres in length, this track is very aptly named after the thorny devil. It is one-way singletrack, so follow the trail signs and take it on if you dare.

15. Bob Gnarly

Pause for a moment and enjoy the view before heading off on this technical one-kilometre, one-way, descent. There will be some gnarly obstacles, so be sure you’re up to it.


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