South Australia


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The South Australia Outback: be surrounded by ancient mountain ranges, explore untamed red desert expanses, soak in stunning sunsets and fall asleep under a blanket of stars!


Journey through the heart of Australia's outback in the #RedCentreNT. The breathtaking scenery of the outback is beautifully entwined with the history of South Australia, along the Explorer’s Way. The 3000 kilometre journey from Adelaide to Darwin takes you through one of South Australia’s famous wine regions – the Clare Valley – before making its way to the spectacular Flinders Ranges and onward to some of the most important historic townships that have chronicled their cultural and social change.


Explore the Flinders ranges and Outback before venturing into the #RedCentreNT for an ultimate Aussie adventure! Our red hot tip: Coober Pedy is a must! Stop in and stay at an underground hotel, dig for opals and experience all the town has to offer! Don't forget to get a picture in front of the Hollywood-like Coober Pedy sign.