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Kings Canyon

This scenic landscape of rugged ranges, ancient sandstone walls rising hundreds of metres to a plateau of rocky domes, rock holes and gorges in the Watarrka National Park is breathtaking. The Luritja Aboriginal people have called the Watarrka National Park area home for more than 20,000 years. The ancient red rock faces that soar above dense palm forests of palms is an important conservation area and refuge for more than 600 species of native plants and animals.

Kings Canyon is approximately 300 kilometres north east of Uluru and 450 kilometres south west of Alice Springs. The Red Centre Way drive connects Alice Springs, Uluru and Kings Canyon via the Mereenie Loop. It can be explored on a self-drive itinerary or by an organized coach or private tour. 

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Things to do in Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is an arid landscape where you can enjoy camping, nature trails, cultural experiences, and helicopter tours. The most popular attraction is Watarrka National Park, the home of Kings Canyon, offering lots of walks including the Rim Walk and Kings Creek Walk. Trailblazers can walk along the top of the Canyon and then journey into the leafy-green Garden of Eden below. The array of native wildlife and plants is truly astounding in its diversity and the sacred waterhole’s beauty must be seen to be believed.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk

Kings Canyon Rim Walk from the top

Kings Canyon PHS Heli

Professional Helicopter Services - Kings Canyon

Arts and Culture in Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is located in Watarrka National Park, which is home to the Lurtija Aborigional community. Tourists can learn about the role the Lurtija people have played in shaping the land over 40,000 years as well as about more than 600 species of plants and animals which live in the area on a guided tour with Karrke Aboriginal Cultural Experience.

Karrke Cultural Tour seeds

Karrke Cultural Tour weapons

Karrke Aboriginal Cultural Experience

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Kings Canyon Accommodation

There are two options to choose from when visiting Kings Canyon: Kings Canyon Resort and Kings Creek Station. Kings Canyon Resort offers a range of accommodation options to suit all traveller types. Kings Creek Station has everything from camping to luxury glamping tents available. Nighttime is spectacular due to the clear view of the stars and milky way. There is no camping or accommodation allowed within the actual National Park.


Kings Canyon Dining

Delicious cuisine is available in Kings Canyon at four providers contained in Kings Canyon Resort and at Kings Canyon Station Cafe. The menus at these venues include a mix of food produced in the Northern Territory, including kangaroo and camel. There is also a bar at the Kings Canyon Resort which serves alcoholic beverages to weary patrons.

Kings Canyon Resort dining

Dining at Kings Canyon Resort

Kings Creek Station burger

Famous Camel Burger at Kings Creek Station


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