A Guide to the Simpsons Gap Cycle Path

The Simpsons Gap bicycle path is a wonderful way to experience the Central Australian landscape in a pleasant way on two wheels. It is a well-maintained and easy 17 kilometre cycling path that runs from Flynn’s Grave to Simpsons Gap in the West MacDonnell Ranges. If you want a short cycle ride or want to explore the hills and ranges around Alice Springs, this sealed and relaxing pathway is the one for you. It is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

You can access the path on the western outskirts of Alice Springs. While pedalling, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Creek Side Woodlands of River Red Gums, Mulga and Witchetty Bush Groves and Rocky Hills. If you are lucky, you may also spot the rare wildlife including snakes and lizards. It is better to ride in the early morning or later afternoon as the low light will give you a perfect photograph of the scenic beauty. 

A cyclist of average fitness may take 1-2 hours to complete one way (17km) path between Flynn’s Grave and Simpsons Gap. There are four dedicated resting areas which are pleasant picnic spots. 

See a map of the route.

Simpsons Gap Cycling Path 2

What to bring:

Before you head for this adventurous Simpsons Gap bike ride, you need to pack few things:

  • Carry sunscreen, hat and loose-fitting clothes
  • Carry plenty of drinking water, and something to eat
  • Don’t forget to wear a helmet and a sturdy footwear for safe cycling
  • Carry a bike pump and puncture repair kit in the case of a flat tyre


Safety precautions:

Please keep in mind the safety precautions listed below while you are riding:

  • Choose the cooler months from April to October for cycling. There are chances of heat stroke in hot weather conditions.
  • While riding, pass other visitors carefully and ring a bell before you overtake.
  • Go slow as there are sharp bends, dips and crests along the path that may be dangerous if you over speed.
  • Observe and follow all park safety signs.
  • Mobile phones do not work so you can carry satellite phones or 2-way radio.
  • There are 3 emergency access points. Don’t forget to conduct emergency planning and risk assessment before you ride.
  • Try to keep to the cycle path as it prevents soil damage and environmental damage. 

Simpsons Gap Cycling Path 1


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