A Guide to Red CentreNATS

Red Centre Nationals (Red CentreNATS) is the desert-dominated sister of Summernats. A festival celebrating all things horsepower, Red CentreNATS is a three-day spectacular of bikes and cars competing in a range of categories to crown their champion. 

Alice Springs comes alive with a street parade, as the many visitors and locals enjoy the chance to show off their chrome bumpers. Tickets go on sale early, so be sure to book your tickets and accommodation together. 


Alice Springs Races and Events

Drivers of all-wheel drive, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive cars will once again have the grass driving and four-wheel-drive course to stretch their legs and prove their capability. For those who’d rather stay on the bitumen, an autocross course makes for exciting viewing at Lasseters Centre of Entertainment.

Some of the most thrilling racing is at the Alice Springs Inland Dragway, as entrants dial in their cars and test their reflexes with thundering passes down the quarter mile. There will be supercharged beasts burning methanol and people in their daily drivers, all lining up at the Christmas Tree waiting for the drop.  

The dragway is also home to the burnout pad, where tires go to die! Soon competitors and the crowd are engulfed in a rubber-hazed wonderland, where the cheers keep the drivers going. 

4 wheel drive on dune

Obligatory pose with Alice Springs sign

4WD dark skies

Show n Shine

What to see and do at Red CentreNATS

Get up close and take a peek inside engine bays and era-correct interiors at Blatherskite Park, where entrants will be on display as part of the scrutineering and Show ‘n’ Shine judging. 

Not to be missed is the parade, where all entrants cruise through the streets of Alice Springs. Special permits are granted to cars with extreme mods or purpose-built motorsports machines, so they too can participate and enjoy being on the road, alongside hot rods and performance builds.

The weekend wraps up with a party out at Blatherskite Park, where champions are crowned and all things rev head are celebrated. Be sure to purchase some merchandise as well, to commemorate an unforgettable experience.

Red CentreNATS 8


Red CentreNATS 10

4WD course

Buy Red CentreNATS Tickets

Head to the Red CentreNATS website to buy tickets, passes and to sort out your entry. There are different options from day passes to an entire weekend package. Those who pre-purchase can enjoy express entry to the event – avoid lining up at the gate when you’d rather be checking out the line up of entrant beasts.

Red CentreNATS 12

Drag Racing

Red CentreNATS 9


How to spend your time during the day

Use your daylight hours wisely and take some day trips through the East and West MacDonnell Ranges. You’ll be able to take a dip in a desert gorge waterhole and marvel at the extreme rock formations and dry riverbeds. Glide gently over Alice Springs with views of the sunrise from a hot air balloon, or visit the Alice Springs Desert Park, where you’ll learn about the native plants and animals of the Red Centre. 

There is also a range of museums and historical sites within walking and cycling distance in and around Alice Springs. The Old Gaol and the Central Australian Aviation Museum have fantastic collections that will take you on a trip back in time.


Red CentreNATS Accommodation

Accomodation will book out, so ensure you book early. There is a range of accommodation within Alice Springs. There are options to suit every budget and range, from family-friendly to solo travellers. If you’re bringing your pride and joy, there are also many places to stay that offer secure parking in between events over the weekend. 

Red CentreNATS 7

Street Parade

Red CentreNATS FAQ

Red CentreNATS takes place in Alice Springs at a range of venues including Blatherskite Park, Alice Springs Inland Dragway, & Lasseters Centre of Entertainment.
For program information visit the Red CentreNATS website.
The 2024 event will take place from 30 August to 1 September.
Yes! A variety of food and drinks stands will be available for attendees.
A free courtesy bus is available for attendees. For timetable information visit the Red CentreNATS website.
Alternatively, you can drive and park to any of the venues.
For full entrant details it's best you visit the Red CentreNATS website.
You will need to login or create a membership, choose your event, complete the online entry form, then submit and pay for your entry. For entry pricing visit the Red CentreNATS website.
For current ticket prices and to purchase your tickets, visit the Red CentreNATS website.
Red Centre NATS is a long weekend packed with high octane events. Including; Burnout Comps, Drag Racing, Heavy Hitters, Show and Shine, the epic Yeperenye Street Parade, Lasseters Scrutineering, Grass Driving, The Great Northern 4WD Course, Red CentreNATS Supercruise, Fringe Festival, entertainment and so much more!


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