ANZAC Hill - The tourists guide to the best views over Alice Springs

If you’ve seen an incredible picture of Alice Springs, then there’s a good chance it was taken from ANZAC Hill. The 360 view from the lookout atop ANZAC Hill rivals panoramic beauty you’ll find anywhere in the world. 

From the top of the hill you’re able to see Alice Springs in full, the McDonnell Ranges and sweeping views of the desert surrounding. But as its name suggests, ANZAC Hill is much more than a spot for an incredible sunset or sunrise, it was also a very important location for the Australian military during World War II as an army base. 

Visiting here will not only give you awesome photo opportunities but also a deep understanding of Australia’s fight during the second world war. 

ANZAC Hill 3

Sunrise and Sunset atop ANZAC Hill

Many visitors to Alice Springs end up making the special trip to the top of ANZAC Hill on more than one sunrise or sunset. Located in the centre of town at 668m above sea level, it’s easy to drive or walk up. 

If you’re able to get yourself out of bed in the morning, a sunrise at ANZAC Hill will give you breathtaking views of Alice Springs waking up. Take a seat and watch as the East MacDonnell Ranges then start to feel the warmth and come to life. 

At sunset, the hues of orange, purple and red across the desert and mountain ranges are unforgettable and it’s the perfect spot to sit and appreciate the world around and those who fought for it. Take your camera for some incredible photography or simply bask in the quiet moments of light coming and going. 

ANZAC Hill 2

ANZAC Hill During World War II

Atop ANZAC Hill you’ll find a great deal of commemorative engravings and monuments, as well as information detailing all of the conflicts Australia has taken part in over the years. But its status as a war time location was most prominent during WWII. 

While ANZAC Hill was created as a memorial for soldiers who fought in WWI, it became home to the camp of the Darwin Overland Maintenance Force (DOMF) in 1939. This camp was created to be the base of the armed forces who would travel & transport supplies along the Overland Telegraph track up to Darwin to help in its defense against the Japanese armed forces’ invasion. 

Its commemoration of WWII and its pivotal role in not only being a base for so many in WWII but also providing the emblematic inspiration of what they were fighting for, make it a truly outstanding place to visit.

ANZAC Hill 6


ANZAC Hill itself is located relatively centrally in Alice Springs sitting at the top of ANZAC Hill Road, just off the Stuart Highway. If you look north from almost anywhere in town you'll likely be able to see the monument and flags sitting on top of the hill.

If you’re visiting the hill by car, you’re able to drive to the carpark and park for free. That being said, once you’re at the carpark, there are walking tracks which go around the hill to various points, with some areas more tricky than others depending on your fitness level. So stick to the tracks and you’ll be fine.
Yes, there is a path starting at the bottom of ANZAC Hill on Wills Terrace. The Lions Walk is a moderate 15 minutes to the top of the hill. The start point can be found opposite the Catholic Church and next to the Youth Centre on Wills Terrace.
There is a carpark almost at the top of ANZAC Hill, allowing cars and buses to park at the top. This does not obstruct the views over Alice Springs.
ANZAC Hill Memorial was unveiled on April 25th in 1934.
ANZAC Hill is 608m or 1,995 feet tall.


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