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Mountain Biking



Mountain biking has a dedicated fan base that has been rapidly growing; one of the reasons for the popularity is that mountain biking, unlike other adrenaline pumping sports, is not exclusionary. Any rider with any level of experience can go for a mountain bike ride - the trail and speed you take is entirely dependent on your level of fitness and experience.

Alice Springs and the greater region is an amazing hot spot for cyclists looking for that adrenaline pumping, rock jumping experience or simply a casual ride through the spectacular, historic and unique desert landscape. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, there is a trail and a bike for everyone, from easy nature paths that are suitable for families to off-road rocky trails that will delight experienced riders. If you are visiting Alice Springs and would like to head out on a ride, Outback Cycling can take you on a guided riding tour, blending in historical sightseeing with a pleasant ride. If you prefer to go solo, simply hire a bike, discover the region and make your own way. However you choose to see Alice Springs and surrounds, jumping on a mountain bike will ensure you have an unforgettable experience. 


Popular Mountain Biking Trails around Alice Springs

Alice Springs Telegraph Station
The bike trail from the centre of town to this historic precinct is a beautiful ride. Some of the highlights include riding alongside the sandy riverbed, uphill and downhill rides through Spencer Hill and keep an eye out for a kangaroo or two.

Simpsons Gap
This beautiful nature spot in the West MacDonnell Ranges is a favourite for many Centralians (Central Australians). The trail ride from town is 17km one-way. If you take this trail, be sure to take plenty of water. When you arrive at Simpsons Gap, there are BBQ facilities if you choose to have a lunch or dinner cook-up. If you time your visit with the lunar cycle, biking with a full moon in the sky will make the ride from Simpsons Gap back to Alice Springs one of the most magical experiences you will ever have.



Need to figure out how to get from your accommodation to the Telegraph Station? Just looking for a casual, easy ride around town? Use the Alice Springs Cycling and Walking Map to plan your trip. Places of interest are marked on the map, so you can even do some sightseeing during your ride!

So you've decided you want to give mountain biking a go? Start by riding to the Telegraph Station, and from there you can use the Alice Springs Mountain Bike Trails Map to choose a trail that suits your skill level. Don't forget to take lots of water!


MTB Events in Alice Springs

Alice Springs has become a haven for mountain bike lovers around the world, and there are plenty of mountain biking events on our calendar. The Lasseters Easter in the Alice Mountain Bike Muster (15-17 April 2017) is a Central Australian Rough Riders club event that has grown from a local Northern Territory event into one of the best mountain bike events in Australia.  No matter how big the event gets it will ALWAYS keep its Central Australian identity and famous hospitality. Every mountain biker regardless of age or ability will be welcomed to enjoy our event at a price that will allow you to bring your friends and family and enjoy all that the Alice has to offer.  Ride the amazing flowing single-track under a blanket of bright blue sky whilst taking in the magnificent views of the MacDonnell ranges and surrounds. If you like kangaroos, lizards, kangaroos, wedge tailed eagles, and bearded dragons then this is the event for you. If you like traffic, pollution, noise and people who look at you funny when you say g’day then you will have the worst 3 days of your life.