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The Uluru Bike Ride, explore the base of Uluru at your own pace and in your own time – with the whole family!


The 15 kilometre self-guided Uluru Bike Ride is easily achieved in under three hours with plenty of time to stop and explore the beauty of this spiritual and unique wonder of the world; Uluru. Experience a personal connection to the sacred Aboriginal land whilst stopping to observe historic rock art and wondrous waterholes.

Bicycle pick up is available from Outback Cycling's mobile bike shop at the Uluru Kata-Tjuta Cultural Centre. With options for everyone, the whole family can ride around the base of Uluru, getting you up close to the amazing sandstone monolith! If you don't have your own transport, you can book a return bus transfer with us as well.

Ensure you bring plenty of water, sunscreen and appropriate clothing for bicycle riding, and most importantly... your camera!

Map & Directions

Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre, Uluru Rd, Alice Springs 0870


We are located in the Cultural Centre, inside the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, approximately 20kms from Yulara (which is approximately 450km from Alice Springs). You can pick up your bike at the Uluru Cultural Centre or we offer a Bus transfer from your accomodation in Yulara.

Cancellation Policy

I will use the equipment supplied by Outback Cycling in a safe and proper manner. I have inspected the equipment to be used in the activity and it to be in a good condition and fit for use. I am physically fit and there is no health or other reason why I should not participate in bike riding. I agree that the laws of Australia apply when I am using the bicycle and associated equipment. I agree that if I ride an Outback Cycling bicycle off road I will ride in a manner that is not destructive to the environment and I aim to preserve the natural environment and trails. I am 18 years of age or older or have consent from my parent/guardian. I have fully read and understood these conditions before signing this form.
Participants are aware that taking part in bike riding is an activity which involves certain inherent risks including inclement weather rough conditions navigational difficulties collisions illness and accidents in remote places and might cause them or others injury or loss or damage their or others property. The participant accepts sole responsibility for the risks and their safety and assumes full liability for any prosecution or insurance claim arising from their actions whilst in a period of hire. Due care should be taken when riding in order to avoid damage to the equipment. /em
We reserve the right to charge you an amount between $400-$600 (in accordance with the value of the bicycle) should a bicycle be returned in an unreasonably damaged condition or not at all.
1Outback Cycling reserves the right to refuse to supply bicycles to individuals and groups at their own discretion.
2Outback Cycling reserves the right to alter the tour route without notice or immediately terminate the tour / hire period & make charges to your credit card (see 4 & 8).
3Bicycles and equipment supplied remain the property of Outback Cycling.
4I agree that the laws of Australia apply when I am using the bicycle and associated equipment. I agree that I am riding the bicycle within Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (UKTNP) and I will ride in accordance with the UKTNP rules and in a manner that is not destructive to the environment and I am to preserve the natural environment and trails.
5The customer will not make any claim against Outback Cycling or its employees or agents in respect of taking part in the activity including for any injury or loss suffered by them or others; or any damage to any of theirs or others property regardless of how the injury loss or damage occurs.
6 The use of helmets is a legal requirement. Customers must wear a helmet on their head at all times when riding the bicycle.
7 The customer agrees that Outback Cycling are not responsible for any damage expense or inconvenience caused by late arrival of transport change of schedule strikes vehicle breakdown closure of UKTNP pathways wet and hot weather or events outside of its control
8 In the event of weather conditions that do not allow Outback Cycling to hire bikes for a certain period of time Outback Cycling will provide a full refund (less credit card charges) to the customer if booked within the period of closure.
9 Customer cancellation – with 48 hours or more notice – If the customer advises cancellation of their booking by telephone (email will not be accepted) with more than 48 hour’s notice before the booking time an alternative time or 50% refund provided.
10Customer cancellation – within 48 hours or less notice – If the customer cancels their booking within 48 hours of their booking or does not present to the booking at all then any payment made is forfeited.
11Customer Lateness – if telephone contact is made before the booking time it is likely that an alternative time can be secured with no penalty. If the customer presents late with no contact prior any time missed due to lateness is forfeited from the hire period.
12Unless prior agreement has been made with Outback Cycling equipment that is not returned by the end of the rental period will be deemed to be on hire at the daily rate and will be charged for accordingly.
13Customers assume liability for all articles supplied to them for the duration of the tour and / or rental period.
14The loss of a bike lock and/or its key will incur a $30 fee.
15All of our bicycles are maintained regularly. If you have any problems with your bicycle which is a result of mechanical failure caused by fair wear and tear we will repair the bicycle. If you experience mechanical failure breakdown or loss and/or damage to the bicycle you must notify staff immediately.
16Information provided by Outback Cycling staff has been gathered from a variety of third party sources. Outback Cycling has not sought to establish the reliability of these sources nor have they verified such information. No representation or warranty of any kind is given by Outback Cycling as to the accuracy of the information.
17Any fines incurred by the customer during the tour or rental period are the responsibility of the customer.


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