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Alice Springs is a melting hot pot of culture, history, and adventure, there is so much variety of things to do and choose from on your visit.

You'll find no shortage of ways to experience Alice Springs, with a range of tours available to suit all tastes and budgets.

Are you an adventure seeker looking for an activity to fill in your day? Jump on a glider for the afternoon and take in Alice S prings by soaring overhead, or hire a mountain bike, get your heart pumping and take to the endless supply of trails surrounding the town centre. 

Not so keen an exhilarating activity, but still want a way to take it all in? Spend your afternoon on a guided tour on top of the back of a camel, walking alongside the iconic MacDonnell Ranges. Get to know the city centre in a way you’ve never experienced with one of our local guides, and discover the cultural significance to the Arrernte Aboriginal people, or take a trip through time and learn of the early settler history.

There are a range of experiences to help make it the trip of a life time. A morning in a hot air balloon, gently floating across the MacDonnell Ranges and overhead Alice Springs is a memory not to forget. Send off the end of the day with a visit to the Earth Sanctuary, with a guided tour of the million star dotted night sky.

Want to find a way to best make use of your holiday or weekend to take it all in? Check out the range of experiences and tours on offer below. There's something to suit all ages, budgets and tastes.




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