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About to arrive in the Red Centre or planning your ultimate Red Centre Adventure? We've got you covered with an array of commonly asked questions when travelling to and around Central Australia.  


Alice Springs          Uluru-Kata Tjuta

Kings Canyon        Tennant Creek & the Barkly

National Parks        Mereenie Loop

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Road Conditions    Camping

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Alice Springs  

What is there to do in Alice Springs?

There are many amazing things to do and see in Alice Springs. Check out our 'Things to Do' section on this website and our 'Inspirational Itineraries.'


Uluru-Kata Tjuta

What time is sunrise and sunset? Where should I watch the sunrise and sunset?

The times for sunrise and sunset vary often. To combat this, at each reception in the Ayers Rock Resort you will find a board with the proposed time for the sunrise and sunset of the day. Regarding the best place to watch either or both the sunrise or sunset we recommend the Uluru sunset viewing area, the Kata-Tjuta sunrise viewing area and the various lookout points around the Ayers Rock Resort. Check out the various free activities for guests at the Ayers Rock Resort here.

Do I need a pass for Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park?

Yes, passes are available online or at the entry into the National Park. The UKTNP pass is valid for 3 days (unless you opt for the yearly pass) and vary in price. Passes include Adult, Child (5-15yrs), Family, Lot of 100 Adult/Child/Family, Resident of Yulara and Vehicle passes. You can find more information and prices here.

How far is the drive to Uluru from the Ayers Rock Resort?

25 km taking roughly 30 minutes.

Will I have reception?

Depending on your provider, major Australian companies will have reception at the Ayers Rock Resort and Cultural Centre and limited reception around Uluru.

How far is the walk around Uluru?

The base walk around Uluru is 10.6km. You can find more information and a map here.

How far is Kata Tjuta?

Kata Tjuta is 40km from Uluru and 52.4km from the Ayers Rock Resort.

Can I buy groceries at Uluru?

Yes, there is an IGA located at the Ayers Rock Resort. Located in Town Square, the Supermarket is well stocked with a range of groceries including fresh fruit and vegetables, bakery items as well as some pre-made sandwiches, salads and hot pies. There's also a selection of Indigenous goods, herbs and spices and some Asian and international foods and products. It also has a section for homewares, camping needs and basic medical supplies. The store is open from 8am - 9pm daily.

How many nights should I stay at Uluru?

You could spent up to a month experiencing all the Uluru has to offer. However, on a tight schedule it is recommended to stay a least two nights to see the highlights of Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

Where can I stay?

Accommodation is available in numerous forms at the Ayers Rock Resort. The resort facilitates for all kinds of accommodation including camping, dorms, hotels, apartments and luxury. Check out options here


Kings Canyon

What can I do at Kings Canyon?

There are many things to do and see at Kings Canyon. The must see being the Kings Canyon itself within the Watarkka National Park. You can find more information on the park and additional activities, attractions and acommondation here.

 Do I need a park pass for Kings Canyon?

If you're a visitor to the Northern Territory, this park requires you to have a park pass.

Where can I stay?

There are two options with various accommodation types available. The first is Kings Creek Station and the second is Kings Canyon Resort.

How long is the Rim Walk?

The Rim Walk is a 6km loop and will take experienced hikers 3 hrs to complete. Check out more information on walks in the Watarrka National Park here.

Is there a shorter walk I can do?

Yes! Check out more information on walks in the Watarrka National Park here.


Tennant Creek & the Barkly

What can I do in Tennant Creek?

 There is so much to see and do in this outback town! Check out this link to see what's on offer.


National Parks

Is there a national park pass for the West and East MacDonnell Ranges?

If you're a visitor to the Northern Territory, this park requires you to have a park pass. Please abide by park rules regarding camping, rubbish and safety.

Do I need a park pass for NT parks?

A pass is required for all visitors to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and Kakadu National Park.

All other parks require you to have a park pass, if you are a visitor to the Northern Territory.


Mereenie Loop

What is the condition of the Mereenie Loop?

The Mereenie Loop is heavily corrugated and it is recommended to 4WD vehicles ONLY. 

Can I take a Motorhome or 2WD down the Mereenie Loop?

The Mereenie Loop is 160km of unsealed and heavily corrugated road. It is recommended to ONLY take 4WD on the road.

How many kilometers is the Mereenie Loop?

160 kms

How long will it take me to travel the Mereenie Loop?

Times will vary as you drive to the condition of the road, however, it should roughly take you 3 hours to cross.



Where can I get a Mereenie Loop Permit?

Mereenie Loop permits are available from the Alice Springs Visitor Information Centre, Glen Helen Lodge, the Top Shop in Hermannsburg, Kings Canyon Resort and the Central Lands Council. Prices vary from $5-$6.

Where do I need permits in the red centre?

You will need a permit to cross any Aboriginal owned land. You can find a list of roads which require a permit on the Central Land Councils website here.


Car Hire

Can I hire a vehicle with unlimited kilometres from the Alice Springs Visitor Information Centre?

Yes you can. The Alice Springs Visitor Information Centre offers unlimited kilometres and the satisfaction of a hassle free booking.


Road Conditions

What is the condition of the road into the West MacDonnell Ranges?

To reach your destinations within the West MacDonnell Ranges, from Alice Springs, you will need to take the sealed Larapinta Drive and Namatjira Drive. Both roads being in excellent condition. The turn offs into Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm Angerkle, Ochre Pits and Ormiston Gorge are all sealed and accessible via 2WD. The turn offs into Ellery Creek Bighole and Glen Helen are corrugated dirt roads still accessible via 2WD. The turn offs into Serpentine Gorge and Redbank Gorge are recommended for 4WD only.

Where can I find out about road conditions?

To find out about road conditions visit the Northern Territory Governments Road Reporting website.

How long is the drive to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park from Alice Springs? 

The drive will take you down the Stuart Hwy and onto the Lassater Hwy which is approximately 468km. Driving to road conditions, this should take you approximately 5 hours. 

How long is the drive to Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park from Alice Springs?

There are two options to reach Kings Canyon from Alice Springs. Option 1: 2WD vehicles are encouraged to stick to the sealed Stuart Hwy, turning off onto the Lassater Hwy and then onto Luritja Rd. This is approximately 473kms and will take you around 6 hours. Option 2: 4WD ONLY head west of Alice Springs and onto the unsealed Mereenie Loop (you will need a permit). This is approximately 332kms. Timing will vary due to road conditions, however, this scenic route usually takes 5-6 hours.

How long is the drive between Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and Kings Canyon?

The drive is approximately 324km. Driving to road conditions, the trip usually takes approximately 4.5 hours.

Where can I get fuel on the Red Centre Way?

Fuel is available at Glen Helen Lodge, Hermannsburg Top Shop, Kings Canyon Resort, Kings Creek Station, Curtin Springs Station and Ayers Rock Resort.

Where can I fill up with water in Alice Springs, Uluru, Kings Canyon and Tennant Creek?

A list of fuel and water fill up stations in Alice Springs can be found here. A list of fuel and water fill up stations on the Stuart and Lasseter Hwy's heading south to Uluru and Kings Canyon can be found here. A list of fuel and water fill up stations on the Stuart Hwy heading north to Tennant Creek can be found here.



Where can I camp at Uluru?

Camping is available at the Ayers Rock Resort Campground. Click here for more information.



Where can I go swimming in the West MacDonnell Ranges?

The West MacDonnell Ranges are home to various permanent waterholes including Ellery Creek Bighole, Ormiston Gorge, Glen Helen with the Finke River and Redbank Gorge. You can read all about the West MacDonnell Ranges waterholes here.

Where can I go swimming in the East MacDonnell Ranges? 

Swimming in the East MacDonnell Ranges is possible, however, due to dry conditions the waterholes are usually dried up. Here is a list of possible swimming locations: Emily Gap, Jessie Gap, Trephina Gorge, John Hayes Waterhole and Ruby Gap Nature Park.



I have a dog, where can I go?

In Alice Springs dogs are not permitted at the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens, Alice Springs Desert Park and only in the car park in the car at the Telegraph Station. Alice Springs also have a pet minding facilities, see here. Owen Springs allow dogs up to the Redbank Campground accessing from the Stuart Highway . Devils Marbles campground also allow dogs. Ayers Rock Resort allow dogs in the Ayers Rock Campground only, not in the National Park. Kings Canyon allow dogs at both campgrounds as well as in the car at Warrtaka National Park carpark.

For additional information see the sheet produce by Parks NT on Pets in the Park.

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