Do the Red Centre -

Adventure Capital 2019-20

2019 is a year full of adventures for the #RedCentreNT! With an adventure for every niche, there is something for everyone.


Earlier in the year Tourism Central Australia hosted an Adventure Campaign for the 2019 season in the Red Centre. The campaign saw 5 winners from across the nation post to social media their travel inspo pic and caption with their dream adventure in the #RedCentreNT. The winners were then given the opportunity to complete their dream adventure and any other activities that their adventure voucher could cover!


Here are their stories: 



Lauren: "My Red Centre adventure was a fantastic trip where I had the opportunity to explore Central Australia in the Northern Territory. Through the trip I visited Uluru, one of Australia's most culturally significant icons which was beautiful (especially watching the sunset changing its colours). I stayed in great campsites in the area and was able to hike King's Canyon and Kata Tjuta National parks. The national parks were full of Australia native flora and fauna and the bush land was stunning (also loved seeing the deep red dirt!). Engaging in Aboriginal culture was a highlight of the trip where we learned about traditional foods, arts and medicine. Going on an astronomy tour at the Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre was memorable after experiencing a full night sky of stars. My trip was all booked and organised by Tourism Central Australia, their insight and connections made my experience tailored to my specific interests and was everything I was hoping for. One of the most enjoyable trips I've been on and l definitely plan on heading back to see more!"


Lauren visited the #RedCentreNT from Northern NSW, Australia. She brought her mum and they set off on a self-guided tour from Alice Springs down to the Rock and Kings Canyon. The adventure consisted of: a stop at Curtin Springs for a 'Paper Tour' to learn all about creating paper from the local grasses found on the farm! Checking out Uluru and Kata-Tjuta and completing the 10.6km base walk around Uluru and the 7.6km circuit through Kata-Tjuta. Driving to Kings Canyon to camp the night under the stars, to awaken early for a sunrise Kings Canyon Rim Walk. Sunsets were admired at both Ayers Rock and Kings Canyon Resorts. A Karrke Aboriginal Cultural Experience to learn about a range of local Indigenous customs.

After travelling back to Alice Springs and checking out the town, the duo jumped back into the car and headed out into the West MacDonnell Ranges. They stopped in at Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm, Ellery Creek, Ochre Pits, Ormiston Gorge and Glen Helen. After an amazing day of exploration, the adventurers ended the day with an Earth Sanctuary Astronomy Tour and watched the starry night sky while learning about the constellations. "An awesome way to end the trip of a lifetime!" - Lauren


Amy 0254Amy: "Every adventure I have in central Australia is a great one, so it’s no surprise I’ve had the best time experiencing all that it has to offer! Especially jumping 12,000 ft from a plane!"

Amy is a local to Alice Springs and could not wait to take up the opportunity for bulk adventures around the region. Her first adventure? Sky diving of course! Amy made her way down to Uluru and took the leap of faith with Skydiving Uluru. She was also able to get a few walks in and a camel ride with Uluru Camel Tours. 

A week later, Amy experienced her hometown from a whole new view, an aerial view with Outback Ballooning! With the MacDonnell Ranges in view, the hot air balloon ride commenced at sunrise and showcased the stunning Red Centre.

Add an ATV to the adventures! A couple of weeks later Amy was then able to make her way out to Hermannsburg for a Finke River Adventure on an off-road Can-am ATV. She was able to experience the Finke River area from a whole new perspective. 

Finally, Amy ended her adventures with a stop in at the Kangaroo Sanctuary where she was able to meet all of the rescued kangaroo's and cuddle with some Joey's. 



Katie: "Throughout life there are some spaces and places that capture your heart and never let go - for me Kings Canyon is one of those spaces. A place of adventure yet tranquility. From driving across the red dust road of the Giles to the welcoming glow and atmosphere of Kings Canyon Resort, we had a ball (worth the drive just for the steak)! Sharing one of my favourite places in the world with my family gave me great joy and the 30 min chopper ride with Mitch from Kings Creek Helicopters offered a profound perspective and a new sense of wonder. How lucky we are to call this stunning spot our backyard!"

Originally from New Zealand, Katie took her family to Kings Canyon for a Deluxe room stay at the Kings Canyon Resort followed by a Remote Ferrar Helicopter flight with Kings Creek Station Helicopters. The family was able to experience unexplored caves, amazing rock formations and waterfalls where wild horses were spotted drinking.  




Shay: "Was the most amazing experience! Great views for sunrise over the red centre! Totally worth the early wake up!"

Originally from Northern NSW and now calling the NT home, Shay was keen to get out and around Alice Springs to see all it had to offer! From hot air ballooning with a friend with Outback Ballooning, gliding with NT Soaring, an ATV adenture with Finke River Adventures and a sunset camel ride accompanied with a friend with Pyndan Camel Tours she can now say she is a seasoned #RedCentreNT adventurer! 







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