Yubu Napa Gallery and Studio

Details & Facilities

Hours: Mon to Fri: 10am to 6pm & Sat: 10am to 4pm- (Closed Feb. 2017, re-opening March 1st 2017)

Web: Visit website
Phone: 50 894 142
Mobile: 0450 894 142

Yubu Napa offers visitors a unique gallery experience. Visitors to Alice Springs have the opportunity to meet and engage with Indigenous Artists as they are creating their amazing Aboriginal Artworks. The paintings are created on site in our open studio space.


The engagement between Artists and Visitors is an invaluable experience, with visitors learning first hand about the stories behind these Authentic Aboriginal Artworks and Artists receiving an appreciation of the respect that is shown by visitors to the studio. This interaction with both visitors to the Gallery and the team working here, builds greater confidence among the artists, who are often quite shy by nature. This confidence has been noticeably reflected in their art.

The traditional stories told by these artists are quite often more contemporary than visitors expect, due to the artists personal interpretations of the important dreamings handed down by their elders.

Map & Directions


Situated in the heart of the Alice Springs CBD, it is within walking distance from many of the towns main attractions. Parking on Hartley Street.