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Rockstars NT

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Hours: 24hrs

Come and explore the Central Australian Desert on a tour with us and spend an evening enjoying the magic of Uluru. Hear stories from the Anangu people and learn about the world’s oldest surviving culture. Then lay out in our billion star hotel and enjoy the beauty of the southern sky as we spend the evening camping out in swags under the stars.


Uluru Dreamtime, Sunset and the Stars:

The adventure begins at the Cultural Centre with an introduction to the Aboriginal Dreamtime and its significance to the Anangu people. Then we head to Uluru for a guided walk to learn about the ancestral creation beings believed to have shaped the landscape we are immersed in. We drive on to bask in the beauty of Uluru’s colour changes at sunset and enjoy a classic Aussie bush dinner. The day finishes with an incredible view of the night sky as our stars and constellations emerge.

Sunrise and Kata Tjuta:

We rise early from the comfort of our swags for breakfast and sunrise. As first light begins to fill the desert around us we head towards the changing shapes of Kata Tjuta. With the the sun lighting the way, we hike through the deep and mysterious Valley of the Winds. Here you will learn about our desert geology and the flora and fauna it contains. Then as a fully qualified "Rockstar" you will be able to tell everyone else about your experiences and the magic that is the Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Park.

Map & Directions


Tours are based at Yulara and operate between Ayers Rock Airport and the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are charged at 100% within 24hrs of the departure time 50% between 24-48hrs and 25% at all other times. There are no refunds as a result of mechanical breakdowns or adverse weather conditions.