Mt Sonder

West MacDonnell Ranges National Parks and Reserves

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Mt Sonder is the third highest peak in the West MacDonnell Ranges and Northern Territory. It marks the western end of the section 12 of the Larapinta Trail, a 223 kilometres walking trail that extends from Alice Springs.


Walk the challenging trail to the top of Mt Sonder, at 1,380 metres above sea level, for spectacular views across the ranges and the surrounding plains. The trail can be accessed via The Larapinta Trail or with a 4WD from the Redbank Gorge car park.

Look for local wildlife, including; the Grey-headed honeyeater, the desert mouse, long-nosed dragons and other reptiles and sculpted termite mounds encompassing the spinifex.

Near the summit the vegetation changes with the round-leaved mallee and white-cyprus pines more prevalent on the high slopes and stony cliffs. Look out for the wide wingspan of birds of prey, such as the Wedge-tailed eagle and the Peregrine falcon, soaring at mountain level and wood swallows circling the summit, riding the thermal updraughts.

Pitch a tent at the Ridgetop or Woodland camping areas at Redbank Gorge (fees apply).

Map & Directions

224 kilometres along the Larapinta Trail, West MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory 0870 Australia

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