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Discover the heart of Australian culture with Koh Living, a company dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of Aboriginal art. By collaborating closely with First Nations artists, Koh Living brings ancestral stories to life on products that people will love and use for years to come. For First Nations artists, this partnership fulfills a profound desire to keep their culture alive. Each creation reflects not just beautiful artwork, but a connection to tradition and history.

For these artists, seeing their work adorn everyday items like water bottles, candle holders and journals, fulfills a lifelong dream, affirming the pride in their heritage. Koh Living’s gifts are more than just products, each purchase becomes a meaningful contribution to preserving Aboriginal culture, and artists receive proceeds from sales.

Our customers, be it corporate, the traveller or retailers find more than just souvenirs; they gain a deeper connection to Australia's Indigenous roots. Each item carries the essence of a journey, evoking memories of Australia's cultural experience. Moreover, by supporting Koh Living, you actively participate in cultural preservation, enriching your own lives with the profound lessons embedded in these stories. Let Koh Living be your gateway to meaningful experiences, where every purchase makes a difference.

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10 Sahra Grove, Carrum Downs

Phone 1800 811 598


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