Unlocking Accessible Travel - 5 August

Understanding the potential of the accessible travel market and implementing change

Speaker: Scott and Clair Crowley, The Good Scout Travel Co

The Good Scout Travel Co. was founded in 2017 by wheelchair-user Scott Crowley, his wife Clair and business partner Linda. Born out of a desire to normalise travelling with a disability and to further promote accessible travel options to the accessible travel community, the team saw a huge gap in the market for accurate accessible travel information.

Scott and Clair have travelled extensively in Australia and overseas. They have an intimate understanding of the barriers and roadblocks to wheelchair travelling and they talk to many other individuals who face similar barriers. Learn more about the accessible travel market and consider opportunities to cater for and capture more of this active market.

The Customer is Mostly Always Right - 28 July

Using ReviewPro to understand the customer experience shaping business focuses - and why it all matters

Speaker: Avril Carter, Australasian Sales Director, ReviewPro

ReviewPro is the world leader in guest intelligence solutions. The system scans online customer reviews from over 175 online travel agencies and review sites, collates the data and generates user-friendly, comparative reports. ReviewPro provides a deeper understanding of a business’s online reputation and enables you to proactively turn guest insights into actions that lead to increased revenue. This tutorial will assist you to prioritise operational and service improvements, deliver better guest experiences and increase guest satisfaction and online rankings.

Making Social Media Work For You - 22 July

Facebook and Instagram upskill session - attract, re-target and convert leads

Speaker: Dante St James, Facebook Australia Community Trainer

Learn how to market effectively on Facebook and Instagram, understand your audience, leverage content and save time. Ultimately this tutorial will reveal how to execute a three-stage advertising campaign that continually identifies potential customers, retargets them to reignite interest, then works to deliver them as leads or even sales.

Rebuilding Consumer Confidence - 15 July

How to get your customers back and improve your brand

Speaker: Mia Fileman and Alanah Purtell, Idiello Directors

Creative Strategists Mia Fileman and Alanah Purtell will step you through how to recover your customers and customer confidence after a crisis. It's never easy, however difficult situations can have a positive effect on a business' brand. Mia will teach you how to positively manage your brand to stay top of mind, how to encourage re-bookings and nurture leads, and communicate confidence to consumers to encourage travel as soon as it's appropriate.


Demystifying Distribution - 1 July

Understanding the trade distribution system and how to get started

Speaker: Nicole Campbell, Trade Distribution Development Coordinator, Tourism NT

Put simply, distribution is how you reach your customers or how they can find you. In this tutorial you will learn about the trade distribution system, rate sheets, rates of commission and the roles of various booking agents. Find out how you can set up distribution channels and get more customers. Don't miss Nicole's top three tips!


Using your Reviews to Improve - 24 June

How to turn 100% of your reviews into positives for your business

Speaker: Avril Carter, Australasian Sales Director, ReviewPro

Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. Reviews are online evaluations and are critical in attracting and retaining customers. The great thing about online reviews is that, unlike traditional word-of-mouth marketing, you regularly get to reply, giving you more opportunity to promote your brand and quality of your product.

In this webinar you will learn how to make the most of ALL your reviews, positive or negative. It will provide practical, best-practice information on review management strategy, and how to use your reviews to deliver even better guest experiences.


The Game of Inches - 17 June

Leading change with organisations and businesses

Speaker: Nigel Collin, Global Thought Leader and author

Change can be difficult and sometimes appear impossible. Learn an effective process of embracing change by using small consistent improvements to create big and lasting results for your business.

Understand how to identify an existing challenge or gap and begin generating useful ideas and solutions. Consider the common actions and behaviours of over 80 successful entrepreneurs and leaders and discover how to empower your staff to consistently seek constant improvement.


Switch On After Switch Off - 10 June

Operational reactivation planning for small businesses in tourism

Speaker: Kate Carnell AO, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

Kate Carnell AO is an independent advocate for small business owners. Her office has the legislative powers needed to effectively influence our nation’s lawmakers, ensuring legislation and regulations are put in place to help small businesses grow.

Reopening your business to effectively service visitors again requires some operational planning. Expert advice from Kate Carnell AO provides an overview of the key considerations. The session covers topics on how to reactivate staff, along with further support services for specific workforce and business elements will help you to switch on after switch off.


Emergency Social Media - 3 June

Basic social media training for when you're forced to DIY
Social media is well worth the effort, particularly as people start dreaming and planning their future holidays. Just because you can't pay for a Marketing Manager doesn't mean you can afford to ignore social media.
This webinar will provide simple tips and tricks to keep your social channels alive and maximise the impact of your efforts. Whether you're new to DIY social media, holding the fort until your staff are reactivated, or need a refresher considering the digital explosion within the current environment, this webinar is for you.


Doing it Digitally - 27 May

Direct from Google, Tommy provides tips, tools, and resources to help your business through these uncertain times. Tommy walks you through a set of actionable tasks that will help you to navigate what to do and when, focusing on making the most of emerging digital trends.


Hook into BookEasy - 20 May

How do customers book your product?
Bookeasy is the centralised Booking Management System used by your Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) to make bookings for you. All bookings made in-house by your RTO on the customers behalf, or by a customer directly through the RTOs website are powered by Bookeasy.
For your product to be bookable through your RTO, your booking system must to be connected to Bookeasy. If you do not have a compatible system, you are able to manage your product directly in Bookeasy.
This tutorial provides simple instructions on how to connect to Bookeasy and how to ensure your bookable product is attractive and up to date for best results.


Business Spring Clean - 13 May

A robust business has a set of financial and strategic documents to help guide growth, assess business health and minimise risk.
The workshop identifies key fundamentals and provides advice on best practice and practical steps that businesses can take to reset, clean up and shape up their business and ensure regulatory compliance.

It covers:
•    Strategies
•    Compliance
•    Attracting Customers
•    Financial Modelling


Get the Grant - 6 May

Preparing a successful grant proposal requires significant research, good preparation, and sound writing skills. 
This tutorial simplifies the grants process, helps you better understand the context of grants and how to avoid common errors.
You will also learn how to write a compelling application using your business data and public data.


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