Tourism Enhancement Recordings


Switch On After Switch Off - 10 June

Operational reactivation planning for small businesses in tourism

Speaker: Kate Carnell AO, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

Kate Carnell AO is an independent advocate for small business owners. Her office has the legislative powers needed to effectively influence our nation’s lawmakers, ensuring legislation and regulations are put in place to help small businesses grow.

Reopening your business to effectively service visitors again requires some operational planning. Expert advice from Kate Carnell AO provides an overview of the key considerations. The session covers topics on how to reactivate staff, along with further support services for specific workforce and business elements will help you to switch on after switch off.


Emergency Social Media - 3 June

Basic social media training for when you're forced to DIY
Social media is well worth the effort, particularly as people start dreaming and planning their future holidays. Just because you can't pay for a Marketing Manager doesn't mean you can afford to ignore social media.
This webinar will provide simple tips and tricks to keep your social channels alive and maximise the impact of your efforts. Whether you're new to DIY social media, holding the fort until your staff are reactivated, or need a refresher considering the digital explosion within the current environment, this webinar is for you.


Doing it Digitally - 27 May

Direct from Google, Tommy provides tips, tools, and resources to help your business through these uncertain times. Tommy walks you through a set of actionable tasks that will help you to navigate what to do and when, focusing on making the most of emerging digital trends.


Hook into BookEasy - 20 May

How do customers book your product?
Bookeasy is the centralised Booking Management System used by your Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) to make bookings for you. All bookings made in-house by your RTO on the customers behalf, or by a customer directly through the RTOs website are powered by Bookeasy.
For your product to be bookable through your RTO, your booking system must to be connected to Bookeasy. If you do not have a compatible system, you are able to manage your product directly in Bookeasy.
This tutorial provides simple instructions on how to connect to Bookeasy and how to ensure your bookable product is attractive and up to date for best results.


Business Spring Clean - 13 May

A robust business has a set of financial and strategic documents to help guide growth, assess business health and minimise risk.
The workshop identifies key fundamentals and provides advice on best practice and practical steps that businesses can take to reset, clean up and shape up their business and ensure regulatory compliance.

It covers:
•    Strategies
•    Compliance
•    Attracting Customers
•    Financial Modelling


Get the Grant - 6 May

Preparing a successful grant proposal requires significant research, good preparation, and sound writing skills. 
This tutorial simplifies the grants process, helps you better understand the context of grants and how to avoid common errors.
You will also learn how to write a compelling application using your business data and public data.