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Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre

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Open Hours: 9 - 5 Mon to Fri

Arlpwe is both an art gallery and art centre.

Great art, “friendly people”, this phrase encapsulates the story behind the Arlpwe Art Gallery. This is the story of an exciting cultural experience about aboriginal culture; a culture that has existed for 40,000 years uninterrupted the oldest continuous culture in the world. Learn about bush medicine and bush tucker and great art at Arlpwe Art Gallery, we pride ourselves on service to our customers and visitors alike.

Ali Curong is a community of 500 people and four language groups. The art centre is fast becoming ‘world’ famous as the place where, not only great paintings are produced but, unique traditional artefacts that include the famous No7 fighting boomerangs. As well shields, necklaces, payback spears, nulla nulla’s, and music clapping sticks are on display

Meet our artists and artefact makers and learn traditional stories told through the paintings while enjoying a complimentary tea or coffee.


The term Ali Curung (Alekarenge) is Kaiditch (Kaytetye) meaning country of the dog, dog area or dog dreaming. “The dogs here at Ali Curung are very important. They are connected to the ancestors. The ancestor dogs travelled this way in the spirit times, in dream times and they left behind the marks of where they went

The name Arlpwe was chosen for the Art Centre by the traditional owners for the country on which Ali Curung is situated. It means “... this country all over no waterhole no rivers only soakage and grass country”

The traditional owners of this land belong to the Kaytetye language group and there are three other language groups, Alyawarr, Warlpiri and Warramungu who form the community.

The Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre’s members feel strongly that being able to paint and make artefacts will help the community to maintain elements of their culture

Many artists are use the centre and including Ali Curung men, who have a strong reputation for fine authentic artefacts and painting. Artists produce Central Desert style paintings depicting ceremonial body designs and native dot landscapes. Ali Curung artists have adjusted their style to accommodate new materials and colours although their cultural content is very traditional.

Arlpwe promotes the artistic work of local artisans. All work is for sale and is provided with a certificate of authenticity. Experience a friendly community and a more traditional way of life.See you soon when you travel.

Map & Directions

89 Kinjarra Drive, Ali Curung, Northern Territory 0872 Australia


Located 350 kilometres North of Alice Springs and 160 kilometres South of Tennant Creek. Ali Curung is a remote Aboriginal Community which is accessed from the Stuart Highway via 22 kilometres of all-weather sealed bitumen road. It is sign posted from the highway.

Phone +61 889 641 640
Mobile 0408152747
Fax 89641640


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