marty-profileMarty Krieg moved to the #RedCentreNT a little over a year ago. Marty and his partner have since welcomed a beautiful baby girl, so they'll always feel a special connection to this incredible part of the world. 

Marty has been an adventure enthusiast all his life. He's particularly passionate about mountain biking, and has ridden throughout Australia, New Zealand, North America and Asia. He's even smashed out a three-day mountain bike race in northern Pakistan! Marty spent a summer working in Whistler, Canada, and has completed several multi-day hikes through beautiful Tasmania. He dabbles in rock-climbing, surfing and diving, and tries to get out in the Great Outdoors as often as possible. 

Closer to home, Marty's favourite adventure activities in the #RedCentreNT are hiking and mountain biking. Through his work at Parks and Wildlife, Marty has a particular interest in developing the extensive network of mountain bike trails around Alice Springs. 

Watch the following videos to join Marty on his #RedCentreNT adventure!





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