1 Day At Parrtjima


Welcome to Central Australia!

Get ready for your ultimate Parrtjima and outback experience.

You have some time before the festivities begin, so let’s get acquainted with Alice Springs.

Whilst many attractions and activities are within walking distance and reachable via public transport, we recommend hiring a vehicle to get you to and from your destinations. Take the ease out of searching for the perfect car hire and let the staff at the Alice Springs Information Centre do the heavy lifting for you. Not only do they find the right vehicle for you, but they can offer unlimited kilometres. Here in the outback unlimited kilometres is what you want! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get in touch.

Jump in the car and make your way to the Alice Springs Telegraph Station. Pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoor BBQ area or opt for the Trail Station Café to enjoy your lunch. Roam around the grounds and the historic buildings and immerse yourself in the history of the Telegraph Station and the township, the lives of the early telegraphers and their families, as well as learning about the Stolen Generation history of the site in the Bungalow era of the 1930s.

While you’re in the Northside, drive 5 minutes and reach your next destination, the Alice Springs School of the Air. Enjoy a virtual journey into “The Worlds Largest Classroom.” The visitor experience includes a film and guided presentation that reveal stories about the school and its students, sharing a distinctive history, insights into outback lifestyles and showcases world-renowned innovations of the unique school.

Make your way back into town and explore the main street, Todd Mall. Get a taste of what Parrtjima has to offer with this hotspot being one of the locations where you will see many Parrtjima light installations. The street is also lined with commercial art galleries dealing in Aboriginal art. Stop at Papunya Tula Artists to see the renowned dot paintings, then at Mbantua Art Gallery and Cultural Museum, which has one of the largest collections of Aboriginal art in Australia and specialised in art from the Utopia region.

You’ve had a big day adventuring, head to your accommodation and chill out before your night festivities begin. Alice Springs has various accommodation options catering to all types of travellers. You can find a list of accommodation options here.

The time has come! Gather at one of the free bus pickup points or drive your car out to the Alice Springs Desert Park. Parking is available in the Albrecht Oval carpark. Walk into the Parrtjima light festival and enjoy all of its offerings! Spend some time exploring the various light installations, live talks, and music by local and national musician. Grab some dinner and marvel at all that is around you.

For all bookings contact the staff at the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the supplied links to book online.