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Barkly Muster Gold Rush Camp Draft

6 - 7 October


Tennant Creek is the Centre of a vast region that contains some of the best pastoral country in the world. This region is steeped in rich pastoral history and tradition. “The Barkly Muster” is a major Regional Event of the Northern Territory and promotes and celebrates our dynamic pastoral history. The historic significance of this event represents the age old tradition of practicing & competing in, the pastoral skills that provided the backbone of establishing the cattle industry and the pastoral stations that are one of the major economic factors in this region. This event is held yearly on the 1st weekend in October at Jubilee Park, in Tennant Creek, and brings together the pastoralists from the region and those who love to celebrate and promote our wonderful outback pastoral history. It is truly a mixture of community characters, from the elite cattle station managers to the ringers, rough riders, aboriginal stockmen and the townspeople, the tourists – everyone celebrating a truly outback bush experience.

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6 - 7 October
10:00pm to 10:00pm


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At Jubilee Park Jubilee Park

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