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From art and cultural experiences, unique events distinctive to Central Australia, music, dance, theatre and sporting events the Red Centre hosts many world class events. You are sure to find an event that attracts your interest so take a look and see what’s going on in the region.


Desert Mob Symposium

Friday 7 September


The Desert Mob Symposium is a day of presentations by artists, art centres and special guests. Through images, film, animation and performance, artists reveal and share their stories, ideas, projects and creative processes with the audience. The Symposium provides a rich context for Desert Mob, reinforcing and celebrating the pivotal role of country, living culture and community in the lives of artists.


Event Days and Times

Friday 7 September
12:00am to 10:00am


35-Entry ticket covers welcome morning tea/lunch.
This event is FREE to attend if you do not wish to join us for lunch.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 8951 1120


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